03.23.23 Atari Acquires Night Dive Studios! A Full Service Studio! Plus: ‘Gunslugs 2’ out today on Atari VCS! (YouTube)

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. #Atari acquires #NIGHTDIVESTUDIOS! A FULL SERVICE game studio based in Vancouver! I read you the article. Plus: #Gunslugs2 by #OrangePixel, is out today on the #AtariVCS! I show you the trailar and briefly disuss the purchase of this game studio! What does it mean for Atari? Exciting times to be an Atari fan!!

03.19.23 All 12 Games from Stern Electronics Atari acquired! Plus: A Quick History / “Escape from PoPo” Video

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. On this deluxe #Atari Newsline, I discuss the 12 #games that Atari acquired from #SternElectronics. I also include a quick #history of the company and #gameplay of ALL 12 games! Plus: #MetganGames has sent me a quick gameplay video of #EscapeFromPoPo, coming soon to the #AtariVCS. Take a look... Wow. So many games. So you think Atari is dead now? 🙂

03.17.23 ‘Berzerk 2600’ is OUT NOW for the ATARI VCS for $2.99! (YouTube)

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. Guess what?!! Today, I just had 'this feeling'... I checked my #AtariVCS and... voila! There it was! #BERZERK, the #arcade classic by Alan McNeil in 1980, comes home to the Atari VCS where it belongs! It's only $2.99 and it's one of my favorite classic Atari #games! I go over a bit of the history of the game and pay homage to Alan McNeil. Will you be purchasing it? At $2.99, it's literally a no brainer! Besides, #EvilOtto is watching! Oh, and Happy #StPatricksDay! Wear green!

03.13.23 That Atari Show #33: GoGameGo! (Interview, News, ‘Caverns’ is Out! & Podcasts) (YouTube)

Missed the live premiere? On this episode, Jeff with #GoGameGo from #YouTube joins us for a chat about all things #Atari, all the things he's working on, some super cool retro Atari goodies & memories, what's to come and more! Also: Atari News! "#CavernsofMars: Recharged" has dropped & it's a beauty! I go over a few of the major news stories (there are lots!) and discuss some new #Podcast updates in Podcast Blast! Don't miss out on this 'normal sized' jam-packed episode!

02.27.22 That Atari Show #31: Retro Rich Bacon & Ice Cream Sandwich (YouTube)

This episode, it's a Double Rich Special! Retro Rich Heywood with Bacon Ice Cream Productions on #YouTube joins us! In part 1, we learn about Rich's channel, his Alzheimer's Walk cause & the #Evercade/Funstock delays. In part 2, Rich digs up a breaking news story (at the time), shares it with me, and it's the coolest. #CavernsofMars; Recharged news breaks. It's an amazing moment. Also: #Atari News in under 1 Minute! Can I do it? Watch and find out. 😉

2.16-17.23 “WIN a Signed #Atari #FoodFight #Replicade by #NewWaveToys! (Atari Newsline) & #Residual Trailer for #AtariVCS! (YouTube)

Missed the premiere? ...On this quick #AtariNewsline, want to win a signed #FoodFight #replicade by #Atari & #NewWaveToys? Watch to find out how and where! This is playable 1/6 scale replica of the arcade classic: "Charley Chuck's Food Fight" by Atari! New Wave Toys makes some incredible products, what do you think? Also: #Residual (by #OrangePixel) trailer for the #AtariVCS!

02.08.23 Atari Newsline: Atari XP Limited Edition Box Set is Sold Out, New Atari VCS Challenge Posted! + Games We’re Expecing for the Atari VCS (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It: #ATARINEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. On this #Atari Newsline update, #AtariXP Limited Box (Set of 10 Limited Edition XP #Games) for $999 is now Sold Out! Did you order this? Also: The latest Club #VCS Challenge is Posted! What game is featured this month? Get a high score, post it and possibly win a prize! Plus: the next few #AtariVCS games we're looking forward to!

02.06.23 That Atari Show #28: “All That Kaz” (KRAZ Productions Interview Pt 2, Game Review: Desert Falcon for Atari 7800) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It: Hello, fellow #Atarians! Kazdan from #KRAZ Productions is back in part 2 of our interview! We discuss everything from the #AtariJaguar to the #Lynx & #VCS. It's a great time you won't wanna miss! Also: a new game review for "Desert Falcon" on the #Atari7800, #Atari #XEGS & #Atari2600. Which version do I think is best, and what are my feelings about the game overall? Join us on #ThatAtariShow! Where ATARI is KING.

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