“Homebrews,” in the vintage gaming community, are newer video games produced, developed and created by game lovers and fans, usually after a game console has ‘passed its prime.’ I began a new feature in 2021 where I review homebrew games, for a variety of vintage gaming systems. To start, I began reviewing Atari 2600 homebrew games, and going forward, I may plan to introduce new homebrews from other systems, too, such as the Atari Jaguar, the TI/99 4-A computer, and more! Now, I plan on publishing a homebrew review about every 2 months, or as time allows. Here is a handy list of the homebrew games I’ve reviewed thus far, with quick links to those articles. Game on!

Mean Santa (Atari 2600, Oct 2021)

Z-Blocks (Atari 2600, Dec 2021)

TBA (Feb 2022)

Homebrew Game Review section added to BCB! Come check it out! :)

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