Below is a list of all my journals on the site thus far, since rebooting it a 0.years back. There are many journals to post so I will update this list as much as possible, and eventually get ‘caught up.’ To start, I’ll begin listing my most recent entries. Enjoy! -BB

Last page update: 12.28.21

12.24.21 What Christmas Means to Me

12.18.21 The Edge of December

12.10.21 The ‘Zing’ Factor (Previously Unpublished, June 2019)

11.30.21 Giving Thanks & Dodging Blanks

11.16.21 My Dear Alex (One Year Later…)

11.04.21 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Blog

06.30.21 Buzzing Around

04.06.21 What I Did (And didn’t do) During the Pandemic

03.31.21 Second Shot

03.10.21 Marching On

03.05.21 Yes, I’m Still Here. Are You? Part 3

03.04.21 Yes, I’m Still Here. Are You? Part 2

09.08.20 Yes, I’m Still Here. Are You? Part 1

07.04.21 Where Have I Been?

01.01.20 Welcome, 2020!

12.30.19 Adios, 2019

11.09.19 Being There

11.03.19 My Graduation Day & A Vision of Dad

10.03.19 Lost in Hermitsville

09.08.19 Two Months Since

08.01.19 Picking Up the Pieces & Trying to Move On…

07.22.19 Oh, Father.

07.04.19 Happy 4th!

06.29.19 California Dreamin’.

05.24.19 A Quick Update & All The Fixins

05.11.19 Birthday Week & Mother’s Day

04.19.19 One Door Closes…

04.03.19 The Breakup

03.27.19 Focus on Fitness

02.27.19 Miami

More to come as time permits!


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