Here are just a few of the photos I’ve taken that strike my fancy, or the fancy of others. I’m a photographer by hobby as much as I am a poet and writer and painter… I just do it when I feel like it. Photography, however, is an almost daily thing for me – if I’m not taking pictures at some point in the day I must be asleep, sick, dead or both! Enjoy the small photos I’ve gathered here for your bemusement, inspiration or awe! 😀

-Brian Bolding, June 1, 2021

Terminal Life. 2.2.18
Sunrise in Miami. 3/15/19

Are you receiving me? 8.9.17

Speeding Away. 6.7.18

State Fair of Texas. November 2016

Blue Chairs. July 11, 2021

Last page update: 11.7.21

More to come!

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