03.19.23 All 12 Games from Stern Electronics Atari acquired! Plus: A Quick History / “Escape from PoPo” Video

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. On this deluxe #Atari Newsline, I discuss the 12 #games that Atari acquired from #SternElectronics. I also include a quick #history of the company and #gameplay of ALL 12 games! Plus: #MetganGames has sent me a quick gameplay video of #EscapeFromPoPo, coming soon to the #AtariVCS. Take a look... Wow. So many games. So you think Atari is dead now? 🙂

03.18.23 No Filter HD {SE} #16: “Berzerk” (2600) for Atari VCS / Java, Gameplay & A Morning Chat (YouTube)

On this NO FILTER HD (special edition!), I play #Berzerk (2600) on the #AtariVCS, post launch day! This is my exclusive & launch weekend first look! I play the game, drink some java, chat with you about the manual, memories of the game, play a couple of Berzerk commercials from back in the day & more! #Atari #VCS #SternElectronics #Gaming #Vintagegaming #BallistikCoffeeBoy #Games

03.16.23 Atari Nabs the Rights to 12 Retro Titles Including “Berzerk” & “Frenzy!” (Press Release) (YouTube)

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. When it rains, it pours! MORE #Atari news today!! According to GameDeveloper.Com & Atari.com, "Atari Nabs the Rights to 12 Retro Titles, Including #Berzerk & #Frenzy!" This is GREAT news for Atari & #VCS fans! What does this mean for future Recharged #games, licensing deals & more! The sky's the limit! Watch to read & learn more. #retrogaming #sternelectronics

03.13.23 That Atari Show #33: GoGameGo! (Interview, News, ‘Caverns’ is Out! & Podcasts) (YouTube)

Missed the live premiere? On this episode, Jeff with #GoGameGo from #YouTube joins us for a chat about all things #Atari, all the things he's working on, some super cool retro Atari goodies & memories, what's to come and more! Also: Atari News! "#CavernsofMars: Recharged" has dropped & it's a beauty! I go over a few of the major news stories (there are lots!) and discuss some new #Podcast updates in Podcast Blast! Don't miss out on this 'normal sized' jam-packed episode!

03.08.23 Atari Publisher Spotlight V1: “The Myth of Mythicon” (1983 Publisher of Budget Atari 2600 Games) (YouTube)

On this first #Atari Newsline Publisher Spotlight (NOW in 4K), I take a look at #Mythicon, a very small budget Atari 2600 game publisher that made some waves when it began selling games for $9.95 on cardboard displays at grocery stores across America. Then, the crash happened. Was Mythicon responsible for the #videogame crash of 1983? And if not, did they steal from other games? Is there any kind of legacy that Mythicon (and publishers of games like it) left behind? Games discussed include: "Fire Fly," "Sorcerer" & "Star Fox" for the Atari 2600, developed by Bruce de Graff & published by Mythicon in 1983. This video includes opinions and discussions from widely available and free social media outlets and message boards which are not necessarily my own. Public discretion advised.

03.06.23 That Atari Show #32: “I Love Atari” (Interview: Podan w/ ‘I Love’ on YT!) Double Episode. Pt 1 & 2 (YouTube)

This was so last week... 🙂 On this double feature, I sit down with #Podan, who hosts the amazing #YouTube channel #ILove. We discuss many things, including his take on all things Atari (past and present), content creation, our pedantic spelling & pronunciation habits, cats vs dogs, why he loves the #AtariVCS, what else he loves and much, much more! I also show some awesome (and funny) clips from Podan's channel. It's a fun interview you won't wanna miss! (in 4K!)

03.05.23 New Wade Rosen Interview! “How Atari is Leveraging 50 Years of Nostalgia” by GamesBeat! (Atari Newsline) (YouTube)

Did You Watch? ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. There's a NEW #WadeRosen interview put out by #GamesBeat: "How #Atari is Leveraging 50 Years of Nostalgia." Published on March 4, 2023. I read the article to you. Rosen discusses what's coming next for the #VCS on the hardware side, what's coming for the software side & new and exciting opportunities Atari is pursuing in the media space. Plus: I discuss my Publisher Spotlight special & what it means to me. #Mythicon

02.20.23 That Atari Show #30: “All That Kaz” (KRAZ Prod Pt 3, MockingJayYT, Game Review: ‘Frostbite’ & News!) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It... On this #THATATARISHOW, Kazdan w/ #KRAZ Productions wraps up his interview in Part 3. We discuss content creation, what Atari SA needs to improve upon and more #VCS talk! Don't miss it! Also: I feature #MockingjayYT in Creator Space, a great content creator featuring #Atari content, too (so good he beat me as YouTuber of the Month! hehe.) My game review is #Frostbite, for the #Atari2600 (as played on the Flashback 50th.) Plus: News & much more! #AtariPride

2.13.23 That Atari Show #29: “Mr. Poestyle Presents…” (Interview, Podcasts, Homebrews by Songbird & more!) (YouTube)

Have you seen it? 🙂 On This jam-packed episode of #ThatAtariShow, my good #YouTube friend, Mr. Poestyle, joins us! He features #Atari content, plays himself 80 years in the future & is a joy to watch! We talk childhood memories, #Atari2600, #Atari50, Stampede & much more! (And what's this about a giant duck chasing him?) Also: new Podcast updates, Homebrews by #SongbirdProductions for the #Lynx & #Jaguar, plus Atari News & all the latest & new #AtariVCS games on the horizon. Join us!

02.08.23 Atari Newsline: Atari XP Limited Edition Box Set is Sold Out, New Atari VCS Challenge Posted! + Games We’re Expecing for the Atari VCS (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It: #ATARINEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. On this #Atari Newsline update, #AtariXP Limited Box (Set of 10 Limited Edition XP #Games) for $999 is now Sold Out! Did you order this? Also: The latest Club #VCS Challenge is Posted! What game is featured this month? Get a high score, post it and possibly win a prize! Plus: the next few #AtariVCS games we're looking forward to!

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