03.20.23 That Atari Show #34: “Ethacade” (Interview, Atari News, Game Review: “Vanguard” for Atari 5200) (YouTube)

On this episode of "That Atari Show," #Ethacade from #YouTube joins us! He's a 19 year old UK #Atari #stockholder & loves #Atari #games, as well as his #evercade ! He's got some pretty strong opinions, too. However, he plays Atari games on #Steam as the #VCS is still not available in Europe. He's got his pulse on the latest news, the current state of Atari & what's to come. Also: #Vanguard #gamereview for the #Atari5200! Join us!

03.13.23 That Atari Show #33: GoGameGo! (Interview, News, ‘Caverns’ is Out! & Podcasts) (YouTube)

Missed the live premiere? On this episode, Jeff with #GoGameGo from #YouTube joins us for a chat about all things #Atari, all the things he's working on, some super cool retro Atari goodies & memories, what's to come and more! Also: Atari News! "#CavernsofMars: Recharged" has dropped & it's a beauty! I go over a few of the major news stories (there are lots!) and discuss some new #Podcast updates in Podcast Blast! Don't miss out on this 'normal sized' jam-packed episode!

03.06.23 That Atari Show #32: “I Love Atari” (Interview: Podan w/ ‘I Love’ on YT!) Double Episode. Pt 1 & 2 (YouTube)

This was so last week... 🙂 On this double feature, I sit down with #Podan, who hosts the amazing #YouTube channel #ILove. We discuss many things, including his take on all things Atari (past and present), content creation, our pedantic spelling & pronunciation habits, cats vs dogs, why he loves the #AtariVCS, what else he loves and much, much more! I also show some awesome (and funny) clips from Podan's channel. It's a fun interview you won't wanna miss! (in 4K!)

2.13.23 That Atari Show #29: “Mr. Poestyle Presents…” (Interview, Podcasts, Homebrews by Songbird & more!) (YouTube)

Have you seen it? 🙂 On This jam-packed episode of #ThatAtariShow, my good #YouTube friend, Mr. Poestyle, joins us! He features #Atari content, plays himself 80 years in the future & is a joy to watch! We talk childhood memories, #Atari2600, #Atari50, Stampede & much more! (And what's this about a giant duck chasing him?) Also: new Podcast updates, Homebrews by #SongbirdProductions for the #Lynx & #Jaguar, plus Atari News & all the latest & new #AtariVCS games on the horizon. Join us!

02.06.23 That Atari Show #28: “All That Kaz” (KRAZ Productions Interview Pt 2, Game Review: Desert Falcon for Atari 7800) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It: Hello, fellow #Atarians! Kazdan from #KRAZ Productions is back in part 2 of our interview! We discuss everything from the #AtariJaguar to the #Lynx & #VCS. It's a great time you won't wanna miss! Also: a new game review for "Desert Falcon" on the #Atari7800, #Atari #XEGS & #Atari2600. Which version do I think is best, and what are my feelings about the game overall? Join us on #ThatAtariShow! Where ATARI is KING.

01.16.23 That Atari Show #25: “Carl Forhan w/ Songbird Productions” (YouTube)

This week on #ThatAtariShow, Carl Forhan joins us! He's the head of Songbird Productions, who sell some wonderful #homebrews & previously unreleased games for the #Jaguar & #Lynx! We talk homebrews, walk down memory lane & ask him some #Atari-centric questions! Also: a new Creator Space featuring #GoGameGo & #KRAZ Productions., Podcast Blast! featuring Ferg's 2600 Podcast & Atari ST Show, Newsline with some tidbits on the #MyArcade & Atari partnership products & more!

01.02.23 That Atari Show #23: New Year Book Nook Special! (w/ Bally Alley) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! ...On this new years' episode of That Atari Show, Bally Alley and I discuss a handful of Atari books, newsletters & such that we hope you find useful! Plus: a review of "Club Drive" for the Atari Jaguar! I play the game & discuss the manual & other information, plus some Atari news! Has Atari addressed the downloading issues with 'Atari 50'? What's all this about the collab between My Arcade & Atari? Stay tuned here to Atari Newsline Newsflash and Happy New Year! Subscribe, Like & Comment if you enjoy this content...

12.18.22 Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration – Complete Talkthrough & Gameplay, Part 6. (YouTube)

In case you missed it!... on this episode of BCB, I continue on with my '#Atari50: The Anniversary Celebration' complete talkthrough & gameplay! This is part 6, featuring 'Birth of the Console,' part 2 & 'Highs & Lows,' Part 1! This time, we take a look at the #Atari2600, #Atari7800 & #Atari5200, and discuss the growing pains #Atari endured going from one console to the next, thus, beginning the idea of generations of consoles. There were some troubles, to be sure, but some great #games were produced, such as "Star Raiders" and "Super Breakout" on the 5200. What lies ahead? You'll have to tune in to find out!

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