01.25.23 Jeff Minter – From Deflex to Akka Arrh & Beyond: The Man & His Legacy (Atari Newsline Dev Spotlight V1) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! ...On the first volume of #AtariNewsline Dev Spotlight, I peel back the layers on #JeffMinter, founder of #Llamasoft & developer of many groundbreaking #games throughout #videogame history. From #Deflex to #Tempest2K to #MooseLife & beyond! I also discuss the freshly announced #AkkaArrh reimagining due out soon. Jeff Minter has been an influencial force in #videogames for over 40 years! Come along with me as I discover this amazing game developer & his awesome creations. #AtariVCS

01.23.23 That Atari Show #26: “All That Kaz” (Part 1) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! This episode, I begin my 3 part interview with Kazdan with KRAZ Productions on #YouTube (you won't wanna miss this!) I also take a look at a fantastic #book, "Electronic Plastic," discuss some updates in #Atari Newsline, feature Podan/"I Love" from YouTube in Creator Space & feature an amazing episode from #KRAZ Productions regarding the #AtariVCS. I also share some of the latest info on the #MyArcade & Atari devices. Join us!

01.20.23 BCB #90: Atari VCS Pajama PowWow! (YouTube)

In case you missed it! ...I don't have #Atari 50 on my VCS (I own it for the #Switch) but I've wanted to do this episode for awhile. Here are my top 10 (er, 13) #AtariVCS games. Everything from #YarsRecharged to #AtariMania' are here, including #BPMBoy, #Aery, #Kombinera, #MissileCommandRecharged & #SirLovelot! Plus many more. Which are your favorites? I also throw in the odd trailer or two. Grab your pajamas and lets play some #VCS!

01.16.23 That Atari Show #25: “Carl Forhan w/ Songbird Productions” (YouTube)

This week on #ThatAtariShow, Carl Forhan joins us! He's the head of Songbird Productions, who sell some wonderful #homebrews & previously unreleased games for the #Jaguar & #Lynx! We talk homebrews, walk down memory lane & ask him some #Atari-centric questions! Also: a new Creator Space featuring #GoGameGo & #KRAZ Productions., Podcast Blast! featuring Ferg's 2600 Podcast & Atari ST Show, Newsline with some tidbits on the #MyArcade & Atari partnership products & more!

12.17.22 That Atari Show #20 – The Immortal John Hancock (YouTube)

In case you missed it! "On this awesome episode of #ThatAtariShow, the legendary #YouTube man himself, #JohnHancock, is here to discuss all things #Atari, collecting, being a content creator with an amazing huge following, what his favorite #Atari #games & systems are... and more! Also: I'm trying out my new blue #Atarispekaerhat as my mic this episode! Let me know what you think 😉 I also delve into #podcastblast! & some #newsline. Join us!"

11.21.22 “That Atari Show” #17: “Atari 50 Deep Dive! Plus: Favorite Content Creators, “Turmoil” game review, podcasts, news & more!”

On this episode, I discuss #Atari50 by #DigitalEclipse in all it's glory! I discuss the latest news, delve into a game review for #Turmoil for the #Atari2600 & 800 #8bit Computer line), show you some amazing #YouTube content #creators I adore, and one specifically who covers #Atari, share two cool 8 bit #programming #books & much, much more! Click the link/pic below to view!

11.18.22 ‘Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration’ Complete Talkthrough & Gameplay! Chapter 1 Begins…

This epsiode, I begin a massive undertaking... I'm going to be playing #Atari50: The Anniversary Celebration' by #DigitalEclipse, released on 11/11/22. I'll begin with Chapter 1 in the 'documentary'-focused collection, #Arcade Origins, and work my way through the entire #game, playing all 103 #games and reading all the ephemera, snippets & showing you all the photos & tidbits in this amazing collection. Enjoy!

11.11.22 No Filter HD: Special Edition! “Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration” (Launch Day Exclusive & First Look!)

On launch day, I did an 'exclusive first look' of #Atari50: The Anniversary Celebration," by #DigitalEclipse. It's touted as one of the most complete collections to date of #Atari ephemera, #videogames & the history of the company, all in one single package. I played my #NintendoSwitch 'Steelbook' special edition copy for the first time and gave my immediate input and comments on NO FILTER HD, my series where I play games on launch day & give feedback. Click for more!

11.07.22 ‘Atari 50 Eve Party!,’ with Stephen Frost w/ Digital Eclipse; ‘Atari Mania’ review & Twitter polls. (YouTube update)

On today's THAT ATARI SHOW, I interview Stephen Frost, head of production at Digital Eclipse, the team behind the upcoming 'Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration,' which is out this Friday on 11/11. Join me as we discuss some lesser known details, the amazing memories of Sonic the Hedgehog & his years with Sega, the attention... Continue Reading →

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