12.10.22 BCB #82 – Atari Flashback Gold: 50th Anniversary Edition HD! (Overview & Gameplay, Part 2) (YouTube)

In case you missed it! On this surprise episode of #BCB, I show you more of the #AtariFlashback Gold, 50th Anniversary Edition HD! This time, I play more classics, including two prototypes (#Saboteur & #Tempest for the 2600), a homebrew from 2005 (#Asteroids Deluxe), and favorites from my childhood, including #Activision's #Enduro, H.E.R.O., Spider Fighter, #KeystoneCapers and #Frostbite! I play 13 games in this second look at the amazing new Flashback from atGames! The #Atari Flashback Gold 50th Anniversary Edition HD! is available from Microless.com for $100 plus shipping. (This version not yet available in the U.S., but you can order it online from Europe.) The original part 1 of this unboxing & deep dive aired last week and is located here: https://studio.youtube.com/video/roGL... BCB

07.02.22 “I’ve Been Nominated… For YouTuber of the Month?!” (YouTube Channel Update)

Yes, you heard that right! My good #YouTube friend, 'Back In The Day Gaming,' messaged me to let me know there would be a 'surprise' coming my way later that day. I was so excited to find out exactly what it was... and when I got sent the link to 'Generation Pixel's page, I was astounded to find out I had been nominated (along with a few other worthy content creators) to be YouTuber of the Month for July 2022!! I'm still in shock, to be honest 😉 Click below to VOTE, watch my Nomination Video, and much more! #YTOTM2022 (I also apologize if you've seen this already on my Twitter, I just wanted to make sure I spread the news. Thx!) #Vintagegaming #atari #retrogaming

01.07.22 “BCB #24 – Best of 2021 – NYE Special,” “No Filter #15 – Nintendo Wii U w/ Yoshi’s Woolly World,” & “BCB Storytime #5 – Sweet Pea Ch. 5” now up on YouTube!

This past week, I've released three new episodes to my #vintagegaming #youtube channel! "BCB #24" was a #newyearseve special released where I talk about my favorite 5 or 6 vintage gaming consoles & purchases of 2021. In "No Filter #15," I play 'Yoshi's Woolly World' on the Wii U. It's an underrated classic in my... Continue Reading →

12.31.21 “BCB #23 – Holiday Storytime!,” “No Filter #14 – Evercade w/ Psycho Pinball,” & “BCB Storytime #4 – Sweet Pea Ch. 4 – The Glorious Blurry TV Years” now up on YouTube!

This past week, I've released three new episodes on my #vintagegaming #YouTube channel! They are: "BCB #24 - Holiday Storytime! (Bonus Dec 25th Episode!)" which is a break from gaming to discuss two holiday stories from my youth, "No Filter #14 - Evercade w/ Psycho Pinball," where I play this Codemasters Vol. 1 title on... Continue Reading →

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