03.31.23 BCB #99: Evercade EXP Limited Edition! Unboxing & First Impressions! (Part 1 of 2)

This week on BCB, I take the wraps off the #EvercadeEXP #LimitedEdition Bundle by #Blaze Entertainment! I go over in the included #Capcom #games, the #Irem #arcade & #toaplan arcade carts, and all the extra goodies this came with... even a little #Evercade cart keychain! It's pretty amazing! This is my first impressions and unboxing of the #EvercadeEXPLE ! Join me as I unwrap the magic! Was it worth the 8 month wait?

03.30.23 “Skinny & Franko: Fists of Violence” New Premiere Trailer! / Releases Apr 28, 2023 on Atari VCS! (Atari Newsline)

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. A new premiere release trailer for #SkinnyandFranko : Fists of Violence' is out TODAY, by #BlueSunsetGames! This game will officially premiere on the #AtariVCS & other consoles on April 28, 2023. Enjoy the new trailer! Let me know in comments what you think! #Atari #gaming #vintagegaming #retrogaming #ballistikcoffeeboy #Atarinewsline

03.29.23 “Jousting Heroes” Name Change; Missile Command Replicade Re-Release; GDC Fun & Atari VCS Game Rumors (Atari Newsline)

Missed the news? On this #Atari Newsline, I discuss a few topics that have come up in recent days. #JoustingHeroes, an upcoming #AtariVCS #game, has a name change, Atari re-releases #MissileCommandReplicade by #NewWaveToys, #GDC Fun (Gaming Dev Conference) & #VCS Game Rumors! Some of the games I feel 'for sure' about, and why I don't cover every single rumor.

03.27.23 Atari Releases Limited Edition XP Cart & VCS Collector Sets! Ends Apr 9! (Atari Newsline)

ENDS TODAY! #Atari releases limited edition #AtariXP Cart (Standard & Limited Edtiions) as well as #AtariVCS Collector (Backer) systems! I read you the email, show you the website & discuss these products & if they're worth it. I'm seriously considering the Limited Edition 3 #Atari XP cart set! Let me know what you think! Also: an update to my "Steam/Atari" games story. #VCS #Gaming

03.27.23 That Atari Show #35: Jani Penttinen, Father of Utopos (Interview, Computer Monsters, “Toki” on Lynx) (YouTube)

On this episode, the legendary dev, Jani Penttinen joins us! He's been involved with #Atari since #Utopos on the #AtariST back in 1993, until today, with #Guntech2 on the #AtariVCS! We talk about game development, COVID, his early years & what he's been working on lately. Also: "Computer Monsters" is my Book Nook review, and "#Toki" is reviewed, a game for the Atari #Lynx I enjoy very much.

02.26.23 “Bloo Kid” Coming to Atari VCS! Plus: Speculated Games – Neg, Vampire Hunters & Super Hamster Havoc! (YouTube)

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. Atari announces #BlooKid as coming to the #AtariVCS! I show you the 2011 trailer. Plus: Some speculated games may be on the horizon, too. We have #NegtheThreefoldCord, #VampireHunters & #SuperHamsterHavoc! No official confirmations of those last three, but YT user AIR seems to think so, and he has been right in the past! I show you those trailers. BlooKid is def coming, what about the rest? What do you think? #90degreegames

03.25.23 30 (er, 29) Atari Games on Steam Not Yet on the VCS! (YouTube)

Don't you hate it when you get something wrong? 😉 In such a public way? lol. So apparently there are 30 (er, 29) #Atari #games on #Steam not yet on #AtariVCS! Which are they? I go over the list with you. Will these be coming to the #VCS anytime soon? #Games like #RollercoasterTycoon & #Qomp, #CastlesandCatapults, #BubbleGhost & more! Let me know in comments what you think! Correction: "Harriet Jump Jet" IS on the VCS, my apologies.

03.24.23 No Filter HD #16: “Tailgunner” (2021) by Grizzly Machine on the Atari VCS! (YouTube)

On this episode of No Filter HD, I play #Tailgunner on the #AtariVCS! This game was released back in 2021 by #GrizzlyMachine & I just now bought it to play it here. This is a simple game where youre shooting down enemy #planes while piloting as tailgunner. I play the #game, you be the judge! Is it worth purchasing? Description: "Inspired by the iconic arcade classic of the same name, Tailgunner tests your aerial combat skills, featuring 10 modes! Do you have what it takes to avoid the watery grave?! Rack up high scores to become the most notorious gunner of all-time! Fully optimized for use with the Atari VCS Wireless Classic Joystick" #Atari

03.23.23 No Filter HD {SE} #17: “Gunslugs 2” on the Atari VCS! Launch Day Exclusive & First Look! (YouTube)

On this NO FILTER HD Special Edition, I play #Gunslugs2 (2015) on it's #launchday on the #AtariVCS! It's my launch day exclusive! I play the #game & show the #trailer. According to #OrangePixel, "Gunslugs 2 takes the action chaos genre further than ever before... into space and beyond. Rockets, tanks, choppers, train crashes, huge metal robots, aliens and hordes and hordes of the #BlackDuckarmy minions ! It's fun, over the top, action movie parody in a not-so-serious way" #Atari #VCS

03.26.23 No Filter HD #17: “Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan” (2021) on Atari VCS! (Gameplay) (YouTube)

On this episode of NO FILTER HD, I play '#SydneyHunter and the Curse of the Mayan' on my #AtariVCS! This is by #Collectorvision Games for $9.99 on the #VCS currently. It's my first time playing it! "Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan is a love-letter to 8-bit action adventure games with challenging platformer gameplay and a huge number of Maya-inspired bosses. You play as Sydney Hunter, adventure supreme, who by sheer luck manages to get trapped inside a massive Maya pyramid!" I play the game, you be the judge. What do you think? #Atari

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