01.02.23 That Atari Show #23: New Year Book Nook Special! (w/ Bally Alley) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! ...On this new years' episode of That Atari Show, Bally Alley and I discuss a handful of Atari books, newsletters & such that we hope you find useful! Plus: a review of "Club Drive" for the Atari Jaguar! I play the game & discuss the manual & other information, plus some Atari news! Has Atari addressed the downloading issues with 'Atari 50'? What's all this about the collab between My Arcade & Atari? Stay tuned here to Atari Newsline Newsflash and Happy New Year! Subscribe, Like & Comment if you enjoy this content...

12.26.22 That Atari Show #22 – Holiday Special! “Megan McDuffee, Electronic Sorceress” (YouTube)

In case you missed it! On this end-of-the-year #ThatAtariShow #holiday special, Megan McDuffee joins me for a very cool convo & look into her wonderful #music that has captivated us #Atari fans with it's recent 'Recharged' series. "Your music is half of the joy for me when I play a 'Recharged' game," I said. Amazing interviews. Don't miss it! Also: #Podcast Blast! looks at 'Into The Vertical Blank," some news & more... #gaming #digitaleclipse #Atari50 #atarirecharged

01.07.22 “BCB #24 – Best of 2021 – NYE Special,” “No Filter #15 – Nintendo Wii U w/ Yoshi’s Woolly World,” & “BCB Storytime #5 – Sweet Pea Ch. 5” now up on YouTube!

This past week, I've released three new episodes to my #vintagegaming #youtube channel! "BCB #24" was a #newyearseve special released where I talk about my favorite 5 or 6 vintage gaming consoles & purchases of 2021. In "No Filter #15," I play 'Yoshi's Woolly World' on the Wii U. It's an underrated classic in my... Continue Reading →

01.01.22 Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a fantastic New Year and I hope you and your loved ones enjoy health and happiness! I'm taking a little break from here until Friday, but I wanted to send everyone wishes! I've been spending the weekend watching Twilight Zone marathons (as I do each year), cooking, playing some Atari, Wii U... Continue Reading →

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