03.27.23 That Atari Show #35: Jani Penttinen, Father of Utopos (Interview, Computer Monsters, “Toki” on Lynx) (YouTube)

On this episode, the legendary dev, Jani Penttinen joins us! He's been involved with #Atari since #Utopos on the #AtariST back in 1993, until today, with #Guntech2 on the #AtariVCS! We talk about game development, COVID, his early years & what he's been working on lately. Also: "Computer Monsters" is my Book Nook review, and "#Toki" is reviewed, a game for the Atari #Lynx I enjoy very much.

03.23.23 No Filter HD {SE} #17: “Gunslugs 2” on the Atari VCS! Launch Day Exclusive & First Look! (YouTube)

On this NO FILTER HD Special Edition, I play #Gunslugs2 (2015) on it's #launchday on the #AtariVCS! It's my launch day exclusive! I play the #game & show the #trailer. According to #OrangePixel, "Gunslugs 2 takes the action chaos genre further than ever before... into space and beyond. Rockets, tanks, choppers, train crashes, huge metal robots, aliens and hordes and hordes of the #BlackDuckarmy minions ! It's fun, over the top, action movie parody in a not-so-serious way" #Atari #VCS

12.23.22 BCB #84 – Holiday Special: Chinese Knockoffs by My Arcade (plus: 8-Bit Bubba’s Mailbag!) (YouTube)

On this extra extra extra special BCB-sized holiday special, 8-Bit Bubba co-hosts a unique look at chinese knockoff consoles & handhelds by #MyArcade. You know the ones... the ones about $20 with #games that aren't really REAL games. Ok, mostly. This includes the #DataEast Gamer Pro V, a faulty Gamer V Portable, Go Gamer Retro (16-Bit), the new Go Gamer Classic, SNES Retro Wireless Controllers, the Data East Gamestation Wireless (what a piece of junk) & one truly unique thing... the My Arcade #RetroChamp. Which will climb to the top? Also, 8-Bit Bubba reads us his first ever Mailbag spot! Check it out here on BCB #84. And have a happy happy #holiday!

12.18.22 Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration – Complete Talkthrough & Gameplay, Part 6. (YouTube)

In case you missed it!... on this episode of BCB, I continue on with my '#Atari50: The Anniversary Celebration' complete talkthrough & gameplay! This is part 6, featuring 'Birth of the Console,' part 2 & 'Highs & Lows,' Part 1! This time, we take a look at the #Atari2600, #Atari7800 & #Atari5200, and discuss the growing pains #Atari endured going from one console to the next, thus, beginning the idea of generations of consoles. There were some troubles, to be sure, but some great #games were produced, such as "Star Raiders" and "Super Breakout" on the 5200. What lies ahead? You'll have to tune in to find out!

12.10.22 BCB #82 – Atari Flashback Gold: 50th Anniversary Edition HD! (Overview & Gameplay, Part 2) (YouTube)

In case you missed it! On this surprise episode of #BCB, I show you more of the #AtariFlashback Gold, 50th Anniversary Edition HD! This time, I play more classics, including two prototypes (#Saboteur & #Tempest for the 2600), a homebrew from 2005 (#Asteroids Deluxe), and favorites from my childhood, including #Activision's #Enduro, H.E.R.O., Spider Fighter, #KeystoneCapers and #Frostbite! I play 13 games in this second look at the amazing new Flashback from atGames! The #Atari Flashback Gold 50th Anniversary Edition HD! is available from Microless.com for $100 plus shipping. (This version not yet available in the U.S., but you can order it online from Europe.) The original part 1 of this unboxing & deep dive aired last week and is located here: https://studio.youtube.com/video/roGL... BCB

12.05.22 “That Atari Show #19: Yorkies TV Meets 8-Bit Bubba!” (YouTube Update)

On this jam-packed episode of #ThatAtariShow, Andrew from #YorkiesTV on #YouTube joins us! We dicuss everything from making witty YouTube content, the #AtariVCS, favorite #games, where we draw inspiration from & much more! Also: the new #AtariFlashback Gold 50th Anniversary Edition HD is out! I play "Sequest" on this amazing little marvel. It's a must buy! Plus: In the tradition of this episode's 'quirky' theme, I review "Platter-Mania!," a somewhat sub-par party game for the Atari #8bitcomputer line. Join us! #Atari #Gaming #VintageGaming #Retrogaming #Atari50

06.29.22 This week on YouTube: BCB #52 – 8 Bit Summer! (Great NES Games for the Summer) w/ 8-Bit Bubba, BCB #53 – Atari’s 50th Anniversary Celebration! & Unbox’d #21 – A Fistful of Monty Python & Other Amazing British Comedies!

This week on my #vintagegaming #YouTube channel, I posted 3 new videos, including: "BCB #52 - 8 Bit Summer! (Great NES Games) feat. 8-bit Bubba," "BCB #53 - Atari's 50th Anniversary Celebration!," & "Unbox'd #21 - A Fistful of Monty Python & Other British Comedies." Click the gifs below to access, and comment, like & subscribe. I appreciate your support!

06.16.22 This week on YouTube: Unbox’d #19 – 1,000 Songs in Your Pocket! , No Filter HD #3 – Donut Dodo on Atari VCS & BCB Storytime #10 – Frost(ing) & Death.

This week, I released 3 new videos on my #vintagegaming #YouTube channel! These are: UNBOX'D #19 - 1,000 Songs in your Pocket! (An Ode to the Apple iPod), No Filter HD #3 - Donut Dodo on the Atari VCS & BCB Storytime #10 - Frost(ing) & Death. Click below and take a look! Subscribe, Like & Comment! As always, I appreciate your support! xx

06.03.22 This week on YouTube: Unbox’d #17 – Atari 800XL & ST Unboxing Extravaganza, No Filter HD #1 – Nintendo Switch OLED w/ Zelda: Skyward Sword HD & BCB Storytime #9 – Useless, TX

The past week on #YouTube, I published 3 new videos to my #vintagegaming page, as of 6/2/22. This includes: Unbox'd #17 - Atari 800XL & ST Unboxing Extravaganza, No Filter HD #1 - Nintendo Switch OLED w/ Zelda: Skyward Sword HD & BCB Storytime #9 - Useless, TX. Click below to visit each video and like, subscribe & comment if you like my content. No Filter HD is a brand-new series where I kick up the production quality a notch & show you some amazing gameplay. Enjoy!

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