03.22.23 UNBOX’D #33: “More Random Atari Stuff from eBay, a Fisher Price Toy Clock, Vectron, Thunderball, and a budget Surface Laptop!” (YouTube)

On this episode of UNBOX'D, I go over my March 2023 #pickups & #unboxings. In ""More Random #Atari Stuff from #eBay, a #FisherPrice #ToyClock, #Vectron, #Thunderball & a budget #SurfaceLaptop," I uncover... well, that, plus a lot more! Come along, too, as #8BitBubba unbxoes his '8 Bit Bubba Box' for March of his favorite finds! #CoopKitty also makes an apperance! Sort of. (Note: this is the final episode of #UNBOXD until Fall 2023. Enjoy!) Episode Length: 55 min.

2.17.23 BCB #94: “Thrift Crawl 3000!” (1 Day & $100; Atari games, CDs, Vinyl, DVDs, Kitsch, Retro Tech & Toys!) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It... Since my Evercade shipment from Funstock is STILL lost at sea: It's time to introduce... #THRIFTCRAWL 3000!!! One day of #Thrifting on $100! What did I buy? Well, the items range from: a weird #vinyl, vintage #CD's, retro #DVD's, #anime, #Atari games, vintage #tech, #toys, weird cat signs, a stuffed animal, a weird lamp, kitschy home decor items, audio cassettes & more! What's my most outrageous buy? Tune in to see what my haul & indulge in a little 'self-help therapy' w/ me! Stores visited: Savers, Noble Gaming & Goodwill, in under 2 hours! 😉

2.15.23 Unbox’d #32: “Is That a Pocket Player in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to See Me?” (YouTube)

Did you see February's unboxings? On this episode of #Unboxd for Feb 2023, #BCB unboxes some #thiftstore finds, free #PC and #Playstation #Games, a cool sequel on the #NES, CD's & more! (Hey, what's that in your pocket?) 8-Bit Bubba shows us his 8-Bit Bubba Box pick, chock full of two cool #Nintendo games & some free stuff! Plus: Coop Kitty is coming up with ideas for next month in "Coop Kitty Corner," a new feature. Join us as we continue on our quest to unbox a lot of vintage goodies to fill that deep empty void inside. Enjoy!

01.15.23 Unbox’d #31: Attack of the 8-Bit Bubba Box!, BCB #89: Big Buck World Home Arcade & BCB Promo for BCB #91: Atari Force Comics & the BCB Simon Optix Challenge! (YouTube)

In the past week, three new episodes have been uploaded to my #vintagegaming #YouTube channel, #BallistikCoffeeBoy! In Unbox'd #31, 8-Bit Bubba is here to co-host, and he's got a VGM replacement, the 8-Bit Bubba Box! We also talk about our first #Dreamcast & #Famicom #games! In BCB 89, I take a look at the Big Buck World home arcade cab by #Arcade1Up! Finally, in the promo for BCB #91, I'm taking a look at my Atari Force #comics, as well as go on a few #Simon Optix Challenges! Episodes below are listed in order of air date. Thanks !

01.10.23 That Atari Show #24: Dad is a Joke, BCB #88: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes & Atari Newsline: Caverns of Mars… Recharged? (YouTube)

From January 7-10, three new episodes were posted to #BCB. On #ThatAtariShow #24, I interview #Atari blogger & content creator, Dad is a Joke. I also take a look at the latest news and also on Atari Newsline: #CavernsofMars... Recharged? Finally, on episode 88 of BCB, I discuss some schedule changes, #VideoGamesMonthly coming to an end & what's new in Season 3! Episodes posted below in order of appearance.

12.23.22 BCB #84 – Holiday Special: Chinese Knockoffs by My Arcade (plus: 8-Bit Bubba’s Mailbag!) (YouTube)

On this extra extra extra special BCB-sized holiday special, 8-Bit Bubba co-hosts a unique look at chinese knockoff consoles & handhelds by #MyArcade. You know the ones... the ones about $20 with #games that aren't really REAL games. Ok, mostly. This includes the #DataEast Gamer Pro V, a faulty Gamer V Portable, Go Gamer Retro (16-Bit), the new Go Gamer Classic, SNES Retro Wireless Controllers, the Data East Gamestation Wireless (what a piece of junk) & one truly unique thing... the My Arcade #RetroChamp. Which will climb to the top? Also, 8-Bit Bubba reads us his first ever Mailbag spot! Check it out here on BCB #84. And have a happy happy #holiday!

11.30.22 That Atari Show #18: “Bally Alley, Ballistik & Atari 5200) (YouTube)

In case you missed it! On this episode of "That Atari Show," #BallyAlley joins me as we embark upon a mini deep dive of the infamous #Atari5200. It's a system that is misunderstood, as large as a small fiat, but that has some amazing #software titles. We discuss our favorite games (including some not so favorites) and our memories of the system as young kids in the 80's. I also discuss some cool #Atari-centric #podcasts that have updates! #gamimg #vintagegaming #ThatAtariShow #BallistikCoffeeBoy

10.23.22 [YouTube Update] Unbox’d Round Up! Episodes #24-27: “The Last Stand,” “Filling in the Blanks,” “Why Did The Chicken Boi Cross The Road?” & “Lego My Eggo, Atari 2600 Style”

Since we last left off with "UNBOX'D," I've published 4 new episodes to my #YouTube #VintageGaming & Retro #Unboxing channel! From a super mega huge hour and a half Summer finale episode featuring Rayman for the Atari Jaguar, to Summer unboxings I'd saved, to $13 NES Rom tiny handhelds from overaseas, to the Atari 2600 Lego Set! Lots of goodness to unbox for sure! See below for details, and remember... every box was made to be opened 😉 Enjoy! BB

07.19.22 Last week on YouTube: “BCB #56 – Board Game Bonanza! Feat. 8-Bit Bubba,” “Unbox’d #23 – Nanny’s Ceramic Kitty Cavalcade!” & “No Filter HD #5 – BPM Boy on the Atari VCS!”

Last week on my #vintagegaming #youtube channel, I posted 3 new videos. These include: "BCB #56 - Board Game Bonanza! Feat. 8-Bit Bubba," "Unbox'd #23 - Nanny's Ceramic Kitty Cavalcade!," & "No Filter HD #5 - BPM Boy on the Atari VCS!" It was a very 'extra' week that saw me unbox my Grandma Nanny's cats, play some BPM Boy, a wonderful game, and go over my board game & classic card game collections!

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