02.28.23-03.04.23 It’s Official! “Skinny & Franko: Fists of Violence” is coming to the Atari VCS! (2 Videos; Atari Newsline) (YouTube)

In the past 2 weeks, I published 2 #Atari Newsline videos about #SkinnyandFranco #FistsofViolence being announced officially for the #AtariVCS! This is a sequel to an #Amiga game from 1994! At first, there were spoilers, pic posts on Twitter, speculation, then, an official announcement on March 4th (my Dad's birthday of all days, God bless 'him.) The 2 videos are posted below in order of air date. Enjoy!

02.27.22 That Atari Show #31: Retro Rich Bacon & Ice Cream Sandwich (YouTube)

This episode, it's a Double Rich Special! Retro Rich Heywood with Bacon Ice Cream Productions on #YouTube joins us! In part 1, we learn about Rich's channel, his Alzheimer's Walk cause & the #Evercade/Funstock delays. In part 2, Rich digs up a breaking news story (at the time), shares it with me, and it's the coolest. #CavernsofMars; Recharged news breaks. It's an amazing moment. Also: #Atari News in under 1 Minute! Can I do it? Watch and find out. 😉

02.24.23 “A Path to the Princess” Drops on Atari VCS + Atari Signs with APA! + Getting BigPEMU running on Debian! (Atari Newsline) (YouTube)

In case you missed it! #ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. On this jam packed 11-minute Atari Newsline update, Atari dopped "Path to the Princess" today on the #AtariVCS! Yes, that's 2 games in one week! (We're getting spoiled!) Also: Atari signs with APA! Who's that? AND: Getting BigPEMU running on your Atari #VCS under #Debian11 using Proton! Get all your news here, on your Atari source for news & more!

02.22.23 No Filter HD #14: #Gunslugs & #Residual by #OrangePixel, on the #AtariVCS (Available Now!) (YouTube)

Did u Miss it? On this 4K episode of #NoFilter HD, I play #Gunslugs (2013) and #Residual (2021) by #OrangePixel, on my #AtariVCS. These are the latest two releases out by OP on the VCS and they're pretty great. In the style of previous offerings, "Gunslugs" has you and your team of action heroes battling and shooting your way through the Black Duck Army. In "Residual," you crash your spaceship on a series of random procedurally generated planets. Will you be able to survive using the natural elements of that planet? This is a 45-minute gameplay-only video featuring both games. What do you think? #SupportIndieDevs

02.20-21.23 ‘Akka Arrh’ Game Updates, Atari Newsline & Spoiler Special! (YouTube)

In the past week, I uploaded three #AkkaArrh newslines, updates & spoiler special on my #vintagegaming #Atari #YouTube channel, #BallistikCoffeeBoy. These are listed below in order of airdate, for your convenience. Did you play this game? I think it's an amazing #game by one outstanding developer, #JeffMinter from #Llamasoft! Check it out 🙂 (and excuse my frame rate OBS issues in the gameplay portion.)

02.20.23 That Atari Show #30: “All That Kaz” (KRAZ Prod Pt 3, MockingJayYT, Game Review: ‘Frostbite’ & News!) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It... On this #THATATARISHOW, Kazdan w/ #KRAZ Productions wraps up his interview in Part 3. We discuss content creation, what Atari SA needs to improve upon and more #VCS talk! Don't miss it! Also: I feature #MockingjayYT in Creator Space, a great content creator featuring #Atari content, too (so good he beat me as YouTuber of the Month! hehe.) My game review is #Frostbite, for the #Atari2600 (as played on the Flashback 50th.) Plus: News & much more! #AtariPride

2.18.23 What is the #Atari #GamePool? Plus: New #CavernsofMarsRecharged #Trailer! (Atari Newsline; YouTube)

In Case You Missed This: On this episode of #Atari Newsline, I discuss the 'Atari #GamePool' on Republic.com, what that means, why I don't like to cover these more financial aspects of Atari. I show you the 'investor' video, too. Plus: how you can cheaply support Atari right now, and it's staring us right in the face. Also: a new Atari #CavernsofMarsRecharged' arcade mode trailer has dropped! What do you think?

2.17.23 BCB #94: “Thrift Crawl 3000!” (1 Day & $100; Atari games, CDs, Vinyl, DVDs, Kitsch, Retro Tech & Toys!) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It... Since my Evercade shipment from Funstock is STILL lost at sea: It's time to introduce... #THRIFTCRAWL 3000!!! One day of #Thrifting on $100! What did I buy? Well, the items range from: a weird #vinyl, vintage #CD's, retro #DVD's, #anime, #Atari games, vintage #tech, #toys, weird cat signs, a stuffed animal, a weird lamp, kitschy home decor items, audio cassettes & more! What's my most outrageous buy? Tune in to see what my haul & indulge in a little 'self-help therapy' w/ me! Stores visited: Savers, Noble Gaming & Goodwill, in under 2 hours! 😉

2.16-17.23 “WIN a Signed #Atari #FoodFight #Replicade by #NewWaveToys! (Atari Newsline) & #Residual Trailer for #AtariVCS! (YouTube)

Missed the premiere? ...On this quick #AtariNewsline, want to win a signed #FoodFight #replicade by #Atari & #NewWaveToys? Watch to find out how and where! This is playable 1/6 scale replica of the arcade classic: "Charley Chuck's Food Fight" by Atari! New Wave Toys makes some incredible products, what do you think? Also: #Residual (by #OrangePixel) trailer for the #AtariVCS!

2.15.23 Unbox’d #32: “Is That a Pocket Player in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to See Me?” (YouTube)

Did you see February's unboxings? On this episode of #Unboxd for Feb 2023, #BCB unboxes some #thiftstore finds, free #PC and #Playstation #Games, a cool sequel on the #NES, CD's & more! (Hey, what's that in your pocket?) 8-Bit Bubba shows us his 8-Bit Bubba Box pick, chock full of two cool #Nintendo games & some free stuff! Plus: Coop Kitty is coming up with ideas for next month in "Coop Kitty Corner," a new feature. Join us as we continue on our quest to unbox a lot of vintage goodies to fill that deep empty void inside. Enjoy!

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