05.11.23 High-Quality Dimensional Atari Artwork by Artovision! Now Available! Also: Coming Up on BCB! (Atari Newsline)

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. // Up on #Atari.com, they're now selling high quality #dimensional #artwork featuring classic Atari games & logos, from #Artovision! I show you the #trailer! Let me know if you're interested in these! I think they're pretty neat for the Atari fan! Also: I discuss some #YouTube video uploading issues I had... Continue Reading →

02.08.23 Atari Newsline: Atari XP Limited Edition Box Set is Sold Out, New Atari VCS Challenge Posted! + Games We’re Expecing for the Atari VCS (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It: #ATARINEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. On this #Atari Newsline update, #AtariXP Limited Box (Set of 10 Limited Edition XP #Games) for $999 is now Sold Out! Did you order this? Also: The latest Club #VCS Challenge is Posted! What game is featured this month? Get a high score, post it and possibly win a prize! Plus: the next few #AtariVCS games we're looking forward to!

02.01.23 RTFM #16: “Raiden the Kasumi Ninja” (2 Iconic Games on the Atari Jaguar) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! ...On this fresh new episode of #RTFM, I take a look at two unique #AtariJaguar classics, but in completely different ways. #Raiden is a classic arcade shooter port that's hard to put down & #KasumiNinja, is, well, Kasumi Ninja! I go over the box art, the manual, show some #gameplay & yes, even some rare vintage #Atari #Jag commercials (and infomercials!) RAWR! Do The Math!

12.22.22 That Atari Show #21 – Tim Lapetino & the Art of Atari (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! This episode, Tim Lapetino, author of "Art of Atari" joins us! We discuss the amazing artistry behind some of Atari's greatest hits! Are you a fan of 'atari art'? Then you'll love this interview! Also: I feature 'Mean Santa' by Tim Duarte in this episode's "Homebrewz" segment & some cool #Atari news on Newsline! Watch, behold the amazing Atari art & subscribe, like & comment if you enjoy this content!

11.17.21 Remote Controlled (Poetry, 1990)

"Remote Controlled" was one of my very first poems I wrote way back in 1990, when I was 14, over 31 years ago. This one's about my Dad and I... his alcoholism at the time and his verbal and physical abuse I endured. We made up years later, thankfully, and became best friends before he passed in 2019.

11.19.19 An Art Gallery in SoHo. (Poem)

"An Art Gallery in Soho"   Walking along Hands in the air Laughing out loud Just look at our hair   We’re movie stars We’re creative beings We’re wonderful And we’ve got wings   Picture perfect In every way No matter what The critics say.   11.7.19 11 pm thu bb.  

5.31.17 The First Time.

Hello there. Brian here. AKA ballistik coffee boy on LiveJournal for over 20 years. UNTIL... one day, I logged on, and it had suddenly been sold to the Russians. Yeah. NO kidding. And they were about to start flagging posts that mentioned homosexuality and remove them and fine the poster. Not joking. After over 11,000... Continue Reading →

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