04.28.22 Reach the Beach. (Journal)

Hey guys! Long time no hear. Just returned back home from our annual 'family trip' to see my big Sis Nick and her fam out in SoCal near L.A. It was such an amazing time! Not only did my baby sis Kris get us a super swank nice 'honeymoon suite' room right off the beach (which was fabulous, old-world beach condo), but we took our Mama to Catalina Island for her 69th birthday on April 22nd.

9.5.18 About That Cabo Trip… (Journal)

I've been meaning to write about my Cabo trip for the longest... my apologies for taking so long in doing so! I've just been busy with work and school, sick, and enjoying time with my boyfriend as often as we can in between everything. It's been difficult to keep up my blog on a daily,... Continue Reading →

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