02.08.23 No Filter #39: Ballistik’s Game Night #3 – Atari Program Exchange & Cassettes on 1200XL w/ Atari 1010 (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! On No Filter #39, I dig into another Ballistik's #Game Night and proudly bring you... games & programs on cassette tapes!! Wha-? Yes, it's true. Back in the day, they used cassette tapes to load programs with! Do what?! Yes. It's true! This episode, I show you a video about the #Atari Program Exchange (#APX) as well as suffer through the long loading times for "Presidents of the United States" and "States & Capitals" by Atari on my Atari 1010 Program Recorder. Come along with me & let's get geeky!

11.30.22 That Atari Show #18: “Bally Alley, Ballistik & Atari 5200) (YouTube)

In case you missed it! On this episode of "That Atari Show," #BallyAlley joins me as we embark upon a mini deep dive of the infamous #Atari5200. It's a system that is misunderstood, as large as a small fiat, but that has some amazing #software titles. We discuss our favorite games (including some not so favorites) and our memories of the system as young kids in the 80's. I also discuss some cool #Atari-centric #podcasts that have updates! #gamimg #vintagegaming #ThatAtariShow #BallistikCoffeeBoy

06.10.22 This weekend on YouTube: BCB #50 – Fifty Episodes of 8-Bit Love! & Unbox’d #18 – Open Sesame! (What I won on Ferg’s #Atari 2600 Podcast!)

This weekend, I posted two new videos to my #vintagegaming #YouTube channel. Both are pretty exciting, imho! In BCB #50, I celebrate 50 episodes in the 9 months I've had my channel, and I've had some wonderful times. I detail some of those and discuss future updates, as well as show some clips & read some 'mail.' Last, but not least, in UNBOX'D #18 - "Open Sesame!," I open what I won from Ferg's Atari 2600 Game by Game podcast, and it's pretty awesome! Tune in, subscribe, comment, like & as always, I appreciate your time & I hope you enjoy my passion for 8-64 bit gaming. Love ya! -BB

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