01.20.23 BCB #90: Atari VCS Pajama PowWow! (YouTube)

In case you missed it! ...I don't have #Atari 50 on my VCS (I own it for the #Switch) but I've wanted to do this episode for awhile. Here are my top 10 (er, 13) #AtariVCS games. Everything from #YarsRecharged to #AtariMania' are here, including #BPMBoy, #Aery, #Kombinera, #MissileCommandRecharged & #SirLovelot! Plus many more. Which are your favorites? I also throw in the odd trailer or two. Grab your pajamas and lets play some #VCS!

01.18.23 No Filter #38: E.T. Phone Home, Defender, Dig Dug & Gyruss on the Atari 130XE! (YouTube)

In case you missed it... ! On this episode of #NoFilter, welcome to Season 3! Today, I'm playing a few classic #8bit #Atari games on my 130XE home #computer! These are: E.T. Phone Home, #Defender, #DigDug & #Gyruss. And get this! Original sofware on original hardware! Which one will I like best? #gaming #vintagegaming #retrogaming #atari8bitcomputer #games #ballistikcoffeeboy #youtube

01.04.23 My Arcade & Atari Collaborate on New Products (4 Videos,YouTube)

During the days leading up to #CES 2023, #Atari & #MyArcade have been 'teasing' #retrogaming fans with pictures & media regarding new 'devices' or 'consoles' they've been working on together. There are at least 2 or 3 products the companies have been collaboring on, which I have duly reported on within my #YouTube show, #Atari Newsline Newsflash & #ThatAtariShow. I posted FOUR videos/news pieces thus far on Newline about these devices, with the big announcement coming Thursday, January 5, 2023 at CES around 10:30 am PST...

01.02.23 That Atari Show #23: New Year Book Nook Special! (w/ Bally Alley) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! ...On this new years' episode of That Atari Show, Bally Alley and I discuss a handful of Atari books, newsletters & such that we hope you find useful! Plus: a review of "Club Drive" for the Atari Jaguar! I play the game & discuss the manual & other information, plus some Atari news! Has Atari addressed the downloading issues with 'Atari 50'? What's all this about the collab between My Arcade & Atari? Stay tuned here to Atari Newsline Newsflash and Happy New Year! Subscribe, Like & Comment if you enjoy this content...

12.24.22 No Filter HD #13: Holiday Special! “Gunning for Love & Loot!” 3 Cool Games for the Atari VCS (YouTube)

In case you missed it! It's the "No Filter HD" #Holiday Special! This time, I play 3 games on the #AtariVCS purchased during the 2022 Holiday game sale! These include: #Guntech2, #SirLovelot & #HeroesofLoot on the #Atari #VCS! Each #game is so different, but I found them so enjoyable. Here, I play the game without interruptions, then speak before and after the game on my initial first impressions. Which game do you think I'll like most? Tune in to find out! #HappyHolidays!

12.23.22 BCB #84 – Holiday Special: Chinese Knockoffs by My Arcade (plus: 8-Bit Bubba’s Mailbag!) (YouTube)

On this extra extra extra special BCB-sized holiday special, 8-Bit Bubba co-hosts a unique look at chinese knockoff consoles & handhelds by #MyArcade. You know the ones... the ones about $20 with #games that aren't really REAL games. Ok, mostly. This includes the #DataEast Gamer Pro V, a faulty Gamer V Portable, Go Gamer Retro (16-Bit), the new Go Gamer Classic, SNES Retro Wireless Controllers, the Data East Gamestation Wireless (what a piece of junk) & one truly unique thing... the My Arcade #RetroChamp. Which will climb to the top? Also, 8-Bit Bubba reads us his first ever Mailbag spot! Check it out here on BCB #84. And have a happy happy #holiday!

11.30.22 That Atari Show #18: “Bally Alley, Ballistik & Atari 5200) (YouTube)

In case you missed it! On this episode of "That Atari Show," #BallyAlley joins me as we embark upon a mini deep dive of the infamous #Atari5200. It's a system that is misunderstood, as large as a small fiat, but that has some amazing #software titles. We discuss our favorite games (including some not so favorites) and our memories of the system as young kids in the 80's. I also discuss some cool #Atari-centric #podcasts that have updates! #gamimg #vintagegaming #ThatAtariShow #BallistikCoffeeBoy

11.18.22 ‘Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration’ Complete Talkthrough & Gameplay! Chapter 1 Begins…

This epsiode, I begin a massive undertaking... I'm going to be playing #Atari50: The Anniversary Celebration' by #DigitalEclipse, released on 11/11/22. I'll begin with Chapter 1 in the 'documentary'-focused collection, #Arcade Origins, and work my way through the entire #game, playing all 103 #games and reading all the ephemera, snippets & showing you all the photos & tidbits in this amazing collection. Enjoy!

11.17.22 Interview with Total Level: “Talking Games w/ Friends ft. Ballistik Coffee Boy” (YouTube)

On November 9th, I sat down with my good #YouTube buddy Total Level (aka Joey) and we talked about being content creators, #Atari50 & #Atari in general, why we created our channels, the importance of #gaming #buddies, #TheLegendofZelda franchise and our memories of the #games, #mentalhealth and much more! It was a highly enjoyable interview and I was honored to be on his show. Total Level features RPG's, vintage gaming on a variety of systems, "Positive Pete" reviews & more! Click before for details...

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