1.30.20 Each Man for Himself (Into The Great White Fizz). (Poem)

"Each Man for Himself (Into The Great White Fizz)" ~ YeT aNotHeR oRiginaL pOeM by Brian T. Bolding ~ Written on Thursday, 1/30/20 from 8:25 pm - 8:30 pm Enjoy! -BB- ***   Each man for himself The ship is sinking The ship is… Put your memories up on that shelf And sail away into... Continue Reading →

My Hate Crime Story.

The following story is an edited excerpt from Chapter 13, ‘Growing Pains,’ from my first novel, Sweet Pea, which I wrote from 1990-2005. It includes information from previous and later chapters, so as to convey the story best in this format. This story is a graphic and offensive, but completely true account, of a hate... Continue Reading →

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