03.22.23 UNBOX’D #33: “More Random Atari Stuff from eBay, a Fisher Price Toy Clock, Vectron, Thunderball, and a budget Surface Laptop!” (YouTube)

On this episode of UNBOX'D, I go over my March 2023 #pickups & #unboxings. In ""More Random #Atari Stuff from #eBay, a #FisherPrice #ToyClock, #Vectron, #Thunderball & a budget #SurfaceLaptop," I uncover... well, that, plus a lot more! Come along, too, as #8BitBubba unbxoes his '8 Bit Bubba Box' for March of his favorite finds! #CoopKitty also makes an apperance! Sort of. (Note: this is the final episode of #UNBOXD until Fall 2023. Enjoy!) Episode Length: 55 min.

9.6.18 Microsoft Surface Go (Tech Review)

There is some tech that seems like a rehash of what's come before, and there is also tech that seems flashy, too gimmicky and overpriced; the Microsoft Surface Go tablet, I feel, embraces the flash of design, the joy of super portability and combines that with adequate performance. It takes what's so amazing about it's... Continue Reading →

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