12.26.22 That Atari Show #22 – Holiday Special! “Megan McDuffee, Electronic Sorceress” (YouTube)

In case you missed it! On this end-of-the-year #ThatAtariShow #holiday special, Megan McDuffee joins me for a very cool convo & look into her wonderful #music that has captivated us #Atari fans with it's recent 'Recharged' series. "Your music is half of the joy for me when I play a 'Recharged' game," I said. Amazing interviews. Don't miss it! Also: #Podcast Blast! looks at 'Into The Vertical Blank," some news & more... #gaming #digitaleclipse #Atari50 #atarirecharged

1.28.18 Shannon Lay: Living Water (Music Spotlight)

So, I heard this artist today on my Spotify curated personal playlist. This haunting, almost mystic voice followed me around my house. A sincere mixture of loneliness, love, happiness, intense emotion and realness. I had to glance at my Spotify. The artist's name was Shannon Lay and the song was called "Recording 15." The album... Continue Reading →

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