05.15.23 That Atari Show #41: “Tiny Warrior Games” (Interview, Atari News, Luke’s Awakening & Podcasts)

On this episode of #ThatAtariShow, Michael from @tinywarriorgames joins us! They created #Ato & #FrogHop for the #AtariVCS & various consoles. We discuss inspirations for the #games, childoood #gaming #memories, #Sega & #Nintendo, future plans & much more! Also: a TON of #Atari #news, #podcast updates & in Creator Space I feature @lukesawakening69 , who... Continue Reading →

05.01.23 That Atari Show #40: “Mockduck Plays Games” (Interview, Atari News)

On this special 2 part episode, @MockduckPlaysGames from #YouTube joins us! He has some quality #AtariVCS content, ranging from #gamereviews to #technical #howtos! His page is phenomenal. We go over the #VCS, upcoming #games, our current favorites, some classic #vintage #Atari hardware & more! Plus: a spattering of Atari news! The show will be on... Continue Reading →

03.15.23 RTFM #17: All About Dem Manualz (Pt. 2) Nintendo Games (NES, GBA, N64, SNES, 3DS, Wii U & Switch!) (YouTube)

On this installment of RTFM, it's part 2 of "All About Dem Manualz!" I take a look at some #Nintendo #boxart & #manuals, from the #NES to the #GBA, #WiiU to #Switch & more. Most of the console generations are represented. I go over some favorites & others random picks, including #LunarPool for the NES, #Tetris Axis on the Nintendo #3DS to "New Super Mario Bros U + Luigi U" on the Wii U and even "Monster Trucks Mayhem" on the #GameBoy Advance. Plus more! What's my all-time favorite here? Come along with me as I explore these manuals, box art, show some gameplay, some ancient Nintendo commercials, history & more! Episode length: 40 mins.

2.15.23 Unbox’d #32: “Is That a Pocket Player in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to See Me?” (YouTube)

Did you see February's unboxings? On this episode of #Unboxd for Feb 2023, #BCB unboxes some #thiftstore finds, free #PC and #Playstation #Games, a cool sequel on the #NES, CD's & more! (Hey, what's that in your pocket?) 8-Bit Bubba shows us his 8-Bit Bubba Box pick, chock full of two cool #Nintendo games & some free stuff! Plus: Coop Kitty is coming up with ideas for next month in "Coop Kitty Corner," a new feature. Join us as we continue on our quest to unbox a lot of vintage goodies to fill that deep empty void inside. Enjoy!

11.17.22 Interview with Total Level: “Talking Games w/ Friends ft. Ballistik Coffee Boy” (YouTube)

On November 9th, I sat down with my good #YouTube buddy Total Level (aka Joey) and we talked about being content creators, #Atari50 & #Atari in general, why we created our channels, the importance of #gaming #buddies, #TheLegendofZelda franchise and our memories of the #games, #mentalhealth and much more! It was a highly enjoyable interview and I was honored to be on his show. Total Level features RPG's, vintage gaming on a variety of systems, "Positive Pete" reviews & more! Click before for details...

07.02.22 “I’ve Been Nominated… For YouTuber of the Month?!” (YouTube Channel Update)

Yes, you heard that right! My good #YouTube friend, 'Back In The Day Gaming,' messaged me to let me know there would be a 'surprise' coming my way later that day. I was so excited to find out exactly what it was... and when I got sent the link to 'Generation Pixel's page, I was astounded to find out I had been nominated (along with a few other worthy content creators) to be YouTuber of the Month for July 2022!! I'm still in shock, to be honest 😉 Click below to VOTE, watch my Nomination Video, and much more! #YTOTM2022 (I also apologize if you've seen this already on my Twitter, I just wanted to make sure I spread the news. Thx!) #Vintagegaming #atari #retrogaming

06.29.22 This week on YouTube: BCB #52 – 8 Bit Summer! (Great NES Games for the Summer) w/ 8-Bit Bubba, BCB #53 – Atari’s 50th Anniversary Celebration! & Unbox’d #21 – A Fistful of Monty Python & Other Amazing British Comedies!

This week on my #vintagegaming #YouTube channel, I posted 3 new videos, including: "BCB #52 - 8 Bit Summer! (Great NES Games) feat. 8-bit Bubba," "BCB #53 - Atari's 50th Anniversary Celebration!," & "Unbox'd #21 - A Fistful of Monty Python & Other British Comedies." Click the gifs below to access, and comment, like & subscribe. I appreciate your support!

06.03.22 This week on YouTube: Unbox’d #17 – Atari 800XL & ST Unboxing Extravaganza, No Filter HD #1 – Nintendo Switch OLED w/ Zelda: Skyward Sword HD & BCB Storytime #9 – Useless, TX

The past week on #YouTube, I published 3 new videos to my #vintagegaming page, as of 6/2/22. This includes: Unbox'd #17 - Atari 800XL & ST Unboxing Extravaganza, No Filter HD #1 - Nintendo Switch OLED w/ Zelda: Skyward Sword HD & BCB Storytime #9 - Useless, TX. Click below to visit each video and like, subscribe & comment if you like my content. No Filter HD is a brand-new series where I kick up the production quality a notch & show you some amazing gameplay. Enjoy!

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