05.24.23 ‘Food Fight’ Remake Update! Mega Cat Studios is looking for Testers! + BUBSY Makes a Splash on Steam! (Atari Newsline)

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. // #FoodFight Remake Update! @megacatstudios is Looking 4 #Playtesters! Are you interested? I read the #Reddit article (linked below.) Also! #Bubsy makes a splash on #Steam with "Paws on Fire" from 2019! I show you the #trailer! What does this mean for the future of the #AtariVCS? Will Bub be hopping... Continue Reading →

03.09.23 No Filter HD (Special Edition) #15: ‘Caverns of Mars: Recharged’ on the Atari VCS! Launch Day Exclusive! (YouTube)

TONIGHT: I play "#CavernsofMars: Recharged" by #Atari & #SneakyBox, which was released today, on March 9, 2023. I play it on the #AtariVCS, the only console worthy of this amazing #game! Come along with me as I play the game... no boring commentary. I just play, and YOU be the judge. This game was originally released back in 1981 on the #APX Atari Program Exchange on Atari #8BitComputers! It was extremely popular at the time. Do you like the game? Let me know in comments! Episode Length: About 45 minutes.

02.27.22 That Atari Show #31: Retro Rich Bacon & Ice Cream Sandwich (YouTube)

This episode, it's a Double Rich Special! Retro Rich Heywood with Bacon Ice Cream Productions on #YouTube joins us! In part 1, we learn about Rich's channel, his Alzheimer's Walk cause & the #Evercade/Funstock delays. In part 2, Rich digs up a breaking news story (at the time), shares it with me, and it's the coolest. #CavernsofMars; Recharged news breaks. It's an amazing moment. Also: #Atari News in under 1 Minute! Can I do it? Watch and find out. 😉

2.18.23 What is the #Atari #GamePool? Plus: New #CavernsofMarsRecharged #Trailer! (Atari Newsline; YouTube)

In Case You Missed This: On this episode of #Atari Newsline, I discuss the 'Atari #GamePool' on Republic.com, what that means, why I don't like to cover these more financial aspects of Atari. I show you the 'investor' video, too. Plus: how you can cheaply support Atari right now, and it's staring us right in the face. Also: a new Atari #CavernsofMarsRecharged' arcade mode trailer has dropped! What do you think?

01.30.23 That Atari Show #27: “Yorkies TV Strikes Back!” (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! ...on this episode of That #Atari Show, Andrew (aka Patrick John) from #YorkiesTV is back with part 2 of our interview! This is a continuation of the first interview where we were going to record the end and stop, but kept on going! 🙂 It's a fun convo! Also: It's Official! #CavernsofMars : Recharged' is due out on March 9th! I show you the trailer, discuss the game, and more! I also play an entire episode from Yorkies TV dealing with negative moot points regarding the Atari VCS. Plus: #AtariForce #comics are featured in Book Nook. Join us!

01.25.23 It’s Official! “Caverns of Mars: Recharged” Coming on March 9th! (Atari Newsline Newsflash) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! ...It's official! I woke up today to this amazing news! As reported earlier, #CavernsofMars Recharged WILL BE the new #Atari #Recharged game! Coming on March 9 to the #AtariVCS & all major platforms! I share the #trailer with you and discuss over my morning coffee. Also: #MeganMcDuffee's 2nd #Atari #Soundtrack is up for preorder today on #BandCamp! Links below!

01.16.23 That Atari Show #25: “Carl Forhan w/ Songbird Productions” (YouTube)

This week on #ThatAtariShow, Carl Forhan joins us! He's the head of Songbird Productions, who sell some wonderful #homebrews & previously unreleased games for the #Jaguar & #Lynx! We talk homebrews, walk down memory lane & ask him some #Atari-centric questions! Also: a new Creator Space featuring #GoGameGo & #KRAZ Productions., Podcast Blast! featuring Ferg's 2600 Podcast & Atari ST Show, Newsline with some tidbits on the #MyArcade & Atari partnership products & more!

06.09.22 Last week on YouTube: BCB #48 – Ballistik’s Coffeecade – Home Arcade Tour, No Filter HD #2 – Atari VCS: ‘Recharged’ Revisited & BCB #49 – Video Games Monthly – Unboxing for June 2022

Last week, I published 3 new videos on my #vintagegaming #YouTube page. These include: BCB #48 - Ballistik's Coffeecade - Home Arcade Tour, No Filter HD #2 - Atari VCS: 'Recharged' Revisited & BCB #49 - Video Games Monthly - Unboxing for June 2022. Screenshots are included below. Feel free to click, visit, like, comment & subscribe. As always, I appreciate the support.

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