05.19.23 BCB #106: “Mini-LCD Handheld Game Party 2023!” (Feat: Tiger Electronics! w/ 8-Bit Bubba!)

On this episode, 8-Bit Bubba takes the reigns again & while I'm out of town, is tasked with going over all of our #TigerElectronics merch we've accumulated for super cheap here & there! This is our "Mini-#LCD #Handheld #Game #Party 2023!" And here's the BEST part! We saved it all for YOU, boxes, bad tasteless... Continue Reading →

04.21.23 BCB #102: MISSILE COMMAND x REPLICADE by Atari & New Wave Toys (Unboxing & Overview)

On this episode, I take a look at the #MissileCommand x #Replicade by #Atari & #NewWaveToys! It's a near exact 1/6 replica of the famous #arcade game that started it all! (There's even a mini trackball!) I unbox the mini cab, go over the contents & manual... (there's even mini coins!) and talk about my... Continue Reading →

2.17.23 BCB #94: “Thrift Crawl 3000!” (1 Day & $100; Atari games, CDs, Vinyl, DVDs, Kitsch, Retro Tech & Toys!) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It... Since my Evercade shipment from Funstock is STILL lost at sea: It's time to introduce... #THRIFTCRAWL 3000!!! One day of #Thrifting on $100! What did I buy? Well, the items range from: a weird #vinyl, vintage #CD's, retro #DVD's, #anime, #Atari games, vintage #tech, #toys, weird cat signs, a stuffed animal, a weird lamp, kitschy home decor items, audio cassettes & more! What's my most outrageous buy? Tune in to see what my haul & indulge in a little 'self-help therapy' w/ me! Stores visited: Savers, Noble Gaming & Goodwill, in under 2 hours! 😉

02.10.23 BCB #93: 8-Bit Bubba’s Toy Box V. 1 (Vintage Toys n Junk, Cool Retro Toy Commercials – w/ 8-Bit Bubba) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! On 8-Bit Bubba's #ToyBox special, he digs deep into his childhood #toy box to bring you such awesome things like the #RadioShack Remote Controlled Tractor #Trailer, #Alphie, his original #RubiksCube, #Alf, #toy #cars, #boardgames like the #MatchMe by Kingsford Ltd, and much more! Plus: Tons of crazy classic #vintage toy #commercials! What will 8-Bit Bubba uncover next?!

01.04.23 My Arcade & Atari Collaborate on New Products (4 Videos,YouTube)

During the days leading up to #CES 2023, #Atari & #MyArcade have been 'teasing' #retrogaming fans with pictures & media regarding new 'devices' or 'consoles' they've been working on together. There are at least 2 or 3 products the companies have been collaboring on, which I have duly reported on within my #YouTube show, #Atari Newsline Newsflash & #ThatAtariShow. I posted FOUR videos/news pieces thus far on Newline about these devices, with the big announcement coming Thursday, January 5, 2023 at CES around 10:30 am PST...

03.27.22 “RTFM #1 – Kangaroo Court (Super Breakout & Kangaroo for Atari 5200),” “BCB #38 – My Nintendo 3DS & DS Game Library,” “No Filter SE #2 – Tempest 4000 (VCS Launch Day Exclusive” & “Unbox’d Episode 8 Promo” now up on my YouTube page!

This past week, 4 new uploads have appeared on my #YouTube #vintagegaming page! RTFM #1 - Kangaroo Court, BCB #38 - My #Nintendo 3DS & DS Game Library, No Filter SE #2 - Atari VCS w/ Tempest 4000 (launch day exclusive) & Unbox'd Episode 8 Promo. Come check it out!

03.16.22 “Unbox’d #7 – ‘The Doctor is IN!’ – My Dr. Who Collection” & “No Filter #26 – Atari 2600 Showcase 3,” now up on YouTube!

Two new episodes have been posted to my #vintagegaming #YouTube page! In "Unbox'd #7 - 'The Doctor is IN!' - My #DrWho Collection," and "No Filter #26 - #Atari 2600 Showcase 3!" Click below to check 'em out, and subscribe, like & comment! Thank you, and stay tuned next week for a brand-new series I'll be airing from time to time on Wednesdays, #RTFM, all about #retrogaming box art, manuals & a bit of gameplay.

03.13.22 “BCB #36 – The Atari Generation” & “Unbox’d Episode 7 Promo for ‘The Doctor is IN!’ – My Dr. Who Collection” now up on YouTube!

Since my last update, I've published two new videos to my #vintagegaming & #unboxing #YouTube page! First up is BCB #36 - "The Atari Generation," where I take a look at one of my favorite new podcasts, 'Into the Vertical Blank,' & I take a look at how my generation was affected by the video game crash of 1983 & 'growing up Atari.' In "Unbox'd Episode 7 Promo for 'The Doctor is IN! - My #DrWho Collection," I take you on a trip of my cool Who collection. Come take a look! #doctorwho #atari

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