12.19.17 Five Days Before Christmas (Journal)

So, it’s five days before Christmas. 

How did we get here so fast? Where did the year go?

The past few years, I’ve been saying that to myself. Time flies. And with each passing year, it flies by faster and faster. Time is getting shorter and shorter. 

Somedays, I just want to pause everything like something playing on my DVR and just breathe. *Sigh*

Christmas this year will be a little tougher than the last. Dad has cancer now and has full blown Alzheimers. It’s going to be difficult, especially with my older sister not coming into town until after Christmas, but at least I’ll have my little sis and mom there to celebrate with. I feel like Dad’s time here is short, so every second we spend with him counts. It kills me to see all the weight he’s lost, his vacant stares.. he’s still in there, and he does talk from time to time, but he’s definitely not who he was. Not the same stubborn mean old man he had become.. when dad is having an episode one day, it’s like.. he’s the sweetest old man you would ever have met. Weird! Of course, super charming like always. I’m excited to see him again this weekend.

I’ll be leaving here this Saturday morning to drive to DFW, which is a 9 hour drive that I’m used to (driven to TX already 5 times this year!) But before that…

…So my awesome boyfriend Brian invited me over to his parents house for an early Christmas party (pretty much for me, which was amazing) and we had a wonderful little Christmas gtg. Brian gave me my promise ring which he’d ordered, and he went ahead and unwrapped it (I wanted to wait until I got his, too, but I also didn’t wanna burst his bubble right then.)  So now, I’m on the hunt for a ring for him, and then this Friday, we’re having our own Christmas Party together. I have a tiny desk Christmas tree, but I think we’ll manage.

Anyhow, *phew!* It’s been a busy few weeks… Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever else doesn’t offend you. Basically, spend time with those you love, thats the big message here.

Have a happy new year if I don’t post again for awhile. 🙂


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