12.31.17 This is the End / New Beginnings (Journal)

As today draws to a close, I can’t help but look back upon the past year and deem it a successful if a little turbulent year. Politically, don’t go there. This year was terrible. Everything else was pretty great for me.. I took steps to improve my life by undergoing varicose vein surgery in March. I also rang in this year recovering from some extensive dental surgery. I began working out almost daily (got back into the routine, I mean, from years prior.) I have definitely gone on more hikes and began doing more outdoorsy stuff. I also visited my mom and dad about 6 times this year because of my dad’s illness, to help out and spend time with them. (I’m hoping for a real vacation next year, this year I spent my time going home to help.) Health-wise for my Dad, it wasn’t a great year. He got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, COPD, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. He had 3 surgeries over the year to put stints in his heart and to try to shock his heart back into proper rhythm. So family wise, not such a great year, but he pulled through and is now stable, at least. Relationship-wise, I began dating Brian back in August, and we’re still together, and things are going wonderfully there. Work has been good. School has been great – I transferred to GCU for my graduate studies and I’m happy about all that, doing great, all A’s!

When I look back on this year I’m happy with where I’ve come, but I’m also still striving for more. I’m hoping that 2018 brings more happiness and love in my personal life as well as better outcomes for my Dad health-wise, and for my education.. Here’s hoping 2018 is a great new year for all of us, and I’m hoping the world settles down a bit and allows some more light and love in.

Just got back from visiting Texas again for Christmas, now getting ready to prepare for a NYE party tonight with my man, gotta run, but.. I wanted to wish everyone a fantastic 2018.

Have a great new year everyone! 😀 Remember to be kind and loving, even to those who are not part of your world.


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