1.7.18 New Year (Journal)

Wow. 2018. I’m already mis-typing it as 2017 or like 1/7/17 and such. I guess this happens the more of these years that I encounter. Felt a little dizzy and off today, not sure what it was. Allergies or a sickness my body was averting or whatever. Anyways, just wanted to type up an update since a lot has happened, like always, haha.

Celebrated New Years eve with my guy and it was amazing. We watched old school Dr. Who (he’s watching from the first doc, I own them all on DVD so I am enjoying re-watching all the old ones.) We had wine and I got us little New Years hats and horns, and we opened up more gifts for one another and just generally had a stinking good time. It was so amazing because I’ve spent the last several New Years Eve’s all alone. When I got around 30 when I began dating Cody, he and I shared them all together and even had parties, but when we broke up when I was 35, it seemed that I was traveling a lot and moving quite a bit, and never really spent New Years with anyone. (Aside from visits to TX and CA to visit family and close friends, but it’s been awhile.) So it was incredible to celebrate it with my new boyfriend. We have been dating exactly 4 months as of Dec 22nd. We exchanged promise rings right before Christmas, actually. I’m in just a really good place right now with work and personal life, and health, and its so rare in my life these days, so I thank the universe that all has been going well for me lately. (My Dad’s health is a different story, but he is at least sort of stable right now so we are happy for the rest.)

So what’s in store for the new year? Looking back, I had no idea that last year would bring such change and it actually makes me a little scared of this new year and what’s to come. I can only imagine that Brian and my relationship will continue to flourish and grow, and that is amazing, and I’m sure I’ll continue to do well in school with my studies, I’m on track to graduate by Summer 2019. so much to look forward to and so much to be shocked and amazed by as life goes on.

The winter here in Albuquerque has been unseasonably warm. Ever since I moved here, we have gotten less and less snow, it seems. Except for the first day I moved here. That would be January 1, 2012. I moved to a student dorm building with intentions of going back to school (at UNM), but those plans were foiled as I battled poverty and getting back on my feet from a long 9 months of living near Pasadena, CA. (Glendora, actually.) I was laying in my tiny efficiency freezing to death because there was like 3 feet of snow outside. I had just driven all the way from L.A. the night before (like a 22 hour drive), and I was in a room freezing, uncertain of where my future would take me after I left Texas 9 months prior. Little would I know I would be where I am now, six years later, in a job that I completely love and adore, and with a boyfriend who is amazing and makes me laugh, and in school and doing great, making wonderful strides in my life.

I am blessed.

Bring it on, new year. I’m as ready as I possibly could ever be!



Image: Louis Vuitton store window display at NorthPark Center. Dallas, TX. 12/26/17

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