1.15.18 Satire of the Most Beleaguered Fellow (Poem, 2001)

(This poem was originally written on October 3, 2001 and was published in the final Nov/Dec 2001 issue of my zine, ‘Pop Art Trash’)


once again, life has got her
ragged little claws in me.
need I bother to ask for sym-
pathy? I’m lost, rotten to the
very base, I rest my case.
but today I’ve subsied, it wasn’t
easy, rather, I glided. and I’ve
reached this place where the
fear just can’t trace. I figure
if I work myself to death,
til the very last breath, i
just won’t have time to wallow.
I’m lost, so lost, rotten to the
core, life just keeps biting,
endless nights of cigarette
lighting, and she still wants
more and more. well, there’s
little left. if I drown myself
in material things perhaps
I’ll buy the courage to grow
some wings.

10-3-01 333 pm bb.

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