03.31.21 Second Shot. (Journal)

So earlier today, around 9:30 am, I got my second shot of Pfizer.

I can’t tell you how good it feels, after a year of being clueless and working from home and being bored our of my mind since I’ve been single this whole time and going it alone…

Today was kind of bittersweet as my Father died right before Covid in my arms, and I lost my friend Bobby in March and my ex Alex to Covid and Cancer in November of last year. Three people close to me who didn’t make it. And before that, my Grandmother passed away, too. It’s been a rough two years for sure.

All that I know is that if I didn’t have my pets and God to lean on during this time, I would have literally gone insane or tunred to drugs or something. I’m thankful that I’m old enough to have weathered all these losses and grieved properly. The old me wouldn’t have known what to do but turn to drugs. Thankfully, being clean now for over 21 years, that’s not an option.

Getting that second shot today carried so much more weight than I could even process at the time. It’s a shot that came too late for over 500,000 Americans, and many of those we or people we know lost personally. As I sat there in that chair for 30 minutes after my second dose today, I thought a little about the past year, the endless days and hours of being alone, trying to find things to occupy my mind.. a book, binging a TV show, going on countless hikes and nature walks or trips to Wal-Mart and gasping over how selfish people were being by not wearing masks all the time. It’s been a year of insanity and isolation for many, while it has brought people closer together at the same time, too. I have to admit, I’m jealous of those who had a loved one to suffer through the pandemic with. Every time a married couple or a friend with a significant other says how bored and isolating the pandemic has been, I just want to laugh in their face. But.. you had a human being next to you each night… someone you loved…

On April 12th, we go back into work, after 13 months of working strictly from home. We’re going from 5% staff at work to 100%, and I have to admit, it does terrify me a little that we are moving so quickly to go ‘back to normal.’

I’m happy, though, that after a few days of quarantining now, I’ll be nearly 100% safe against Coronavirus. However, we must continue to wear masks because we can still be ‘carriers’ of Covid and infect those who have not gotten the shot yet, or even worse, refuse it.

Do your part and get vaccinated as soon as possible… don’t be picky what brand it is or when or how you get it, just get it… soon. We must all get vaccinated to protect one another and get herd immunity. I know I’m preaching to the choir here but I am amazed how many people I know who refuse to get vaccinated. Maybe its because I’m from Texas and I have insane relatives who are so right wing they can’t see straight? I dunno. All I know is… I’m glad I got the second shot and did my part, and I hope you and your loved ones do their part, too.

Peace be with you all…


(Picture is of me earlier today, right after I got my second shot. 3/31/21 – BB)

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