04.07.23 BCB100: 100 Episode Celebration! (Unbox’d, BCB, That Atari Show & BCB Storytime… w/ 8-Bit Bubba!)

On this special BCB celeberation, I’m celebrating 100 episodes! Yes! Can u believe it? This jumbo sized episode includes new & unseen clips from: #Unboxd, #BCB, #ThatAtariShow & #BCBStorytime ! TONS of new #Atari #Jaguar stuff unveiled! (Thanks, Songbird Productions!) You won’t wanna miss it! Also: #8BitBubba returns & unboxes some awesome #Atari #vintagegaming stuff from #eBay! On an unaired video for BCB, I return to #FreeplayArcade in north Dallas! I also share a highly edited clip of me putting together #RidgeRacer by #Arcade1Up! #Finally, BCB Storytime is also back, with a mini episode about how I ended up in NM 12 years ago. To top it off with, I remember my 13 year old #chihuahua Gopher, who sadly left us 2 weeks ago. He was a HUGE part of my life, and will never be forgotten!


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