04.28.23 BCB #103: Atari XP Limited Edition Part 1: “Saboteur” by Howard Scott Warshaw (Unboxing & Gameplay)

On this exclusive 3-part series, I delve into #AtariXP & the 3 previously #unreleased #Atari #games they recently sold in an extremely limited quanity of 45 sets worldwide! Thanks to a very special viewer, I was sent this #exclusive 3 #game #boxset, and this episode, I go over the first! It’s #Saboteur by #HowardScottWarshaw! It’s an unreleased #Atari game from 1983 that’s amazing! It’s def one of my favorites. This special edition comes with a pin, a patch, an awesome manual, digital copy of the game & of course, the light up #marquee & custom designed cart! It’s def a piece of #art! Join me on this fun journey through some awesome #gaming fun! Subcribe, Like & Comment if you enjoy this content. Thanks for watching! BCB


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