05.13.22 BCB #44 – Atari Touch Tablet, RTFM #3 – Run to the Sun! 2 Vectrex Classics & Unbox’d #13 – Swatch Watches!

Hey gang! Just got back from vacationing... catching up here once again. Within the past 2 weeks, I've published a few more videos to my YouTube page... From the #Atari Touch Tablet to a look at 2 great #Vectrex classics & Unbox'd #13, where I show off part of my #Swatch #Watch collection - it's all chock full of #vintage #8bit & #retro goodness. Click below to explore, subscribe, like & more!

05.01.22 “BCB #43-Coffee & A Chat w/ Adam (“Bally Alley”)”, “No Filter #32-Atari 7800 Showcase 2” & “Unbox’d #12-Mavis Beacon Strikes Back!,” now up on my YouTube page!

This past week, I've published 3 new videos to my #vintagegaming & #atari #YouTube page! For starters, in BCB #43, I continue on with my 'Console Review & Interview' in part 2, where I interview my local gaming buddy Adam T, who is also the mastermind behind the 'Bally Alley' webpage & Astrocast! In No Filter #32, I feature some more great Atari 7800 games & on Unbox'd #12 - Mavis Beacon Strikes Back!, I explain why I love typing programs so much & open up some great boxes of #gaming heaven.

04.28.22 Reach the Beach. (Journal)

Hey guys! Long time no hear. Just returned back home from our annual 'family trip' to see my big Sis Nick and her fam out in SoCal near L.A. It was such an amazing time! Not only did my baby sis Kris get us a super swank nice 'honeymoon suite' room right off the beach (which was fabulous, old-world beach condo), but we took our Mama to Catalina Island for her 69th birthday on April 22nd.

04.25.22 Unbox’d #10 Promo, No Filter #30 – Atari 7800 Showcase, Unbox’d #10 – Falling into the R-Zone & BCB #41 – Atari’s ‘Joyboard’ now up on my YouTube page!

I'm baaaack! Sorry about the wait. I was on a family vacation last week and a little social media break before that. Since then, I've published a few things to my #vintagegaming #YouTube page... Here's part 1! In UNBOX'D #10, I 'fall into the R-Zone' and unbox some other goodies! I also published my final... Continue Reading →

04.23.22 Under the Waves (Poetry)

On April 21, I visited my big Sis in Socal along with my TX family. We met up and took Mom (for her 69th birthday) to Catalina Island on the Catalina Flyer ship. The waves got pretty brutal going over on Friday, 4/22, and it made me re-evaluate my life & my new choices, and how I can now stand in my own power. This poem was written in 'real time' on 4/23/22 @ 9:49 AM PST

04.09.22 “No Filter #29 – Atari Jaguar Showcase,” “Unbox’d #9 – I Crashed Your Monster Party!,” BCB #40 – Video Games Monthly – Unboxing for April 2022 – 100th Subscriber Special!” & “No Filter SE #3 – Kombinera” now up on my YouTube page…

This past week, I uploaded 4 new videos to my #vintagegaming #youtube page! In No Filter #29, I showcase the Atari Jaguar, at last, with 3 games that I love to play, including Club Drive, Raiden & Iron Soldier. In Unbox'd #9 - "I Crashed your Monster Party!," I come across a unique & original NES game. In BCB #40 - "Video Games Monthly - Unboxing for April 2022 - 100th Subscriber Special!," I unbox the latest goodness from VGM & celebrate a channel milestone. And, finally, in No Filter SE #3 - "Kombinera - Launch Day Exclusive & First Look!" I look at Atari's newest IP in over 7 years, a unique puzzler that I adore.

04.03.22 National Pac-Man Day Special – “RTFM #2 – Pac-Man Take the Wheel!” (3 games that define a generation)

Today, on National #PacMan Day, I posted RTFM* (*Read the Freaking Manual) #2 - "Pac-Man Take the Wheel!," where I play 3 classic #Atari2600 games that defined my generation. These games include: Pac-Man, Enduro & Q-Bert, timeless classics! I read the manuals, share some memories, oogle over box art & show some gameplay. Come take a trip down memory lane & relive these classics along with me.

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