7.22.19 Oh Father. (Journal; Short Story)

The night of Friday, July 12, 2019 seemed like any other. That was twelve days ago, and life has been insane since then, so much that I don't know my life before it. To fill you in... I'd returned home from a busy day at work, wrapping up the week and preparing to begin work... Continue Reading →

2.27.19 Miami (Journal)

So, it's nearing March. I can't believe it. They say time goes by faster the older you get. I now know what that means! So the sibs and I got together over a text convo after Christmas and decided that it was time for another family vacation. We threw some places out in discussing this...... Continue Reading →

3.3.18 Life’s Good (Journal)

Sorry for the long time between updates. Not that anyone is clutching to the edge of their computer screen just waiting, but for me, it's good for my soul to get things out and communicate, even if it is mostly just for me. To the one or two of you who stumble upon my blog,... Continue Reading →

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