04.17.23 That Atari Show #38: “Geekstorian: The Interview” (Part 1 & 2)

On this double-sized episode, my buddy Nick (aka "@geekstorian ) joins us! We discuss a variety of topics including #Atari #oddities, #vintagegaming, #contentcreation, childhood #gaming #memories, #MortalKombat & much more! We also discuss his channel, Geekstorian, and the many topics he covers. Great interview that you won't wanna miss! This episode contains part 1 and... Continue Reading →

04.12.23 XpressO #1: “Tax Avoiders” for the Atari 2600 (5-Minute Atari Game Reviews!)

On this first episode of 'XpressO' (5 Minute Atari Game Reviews), I take a timely look at "Tax Avoiders," a 1982 release by American Videogame (how generic is that?) that pits you, John Q, against beauracratical red tape, tax consultants, audits & more! Have you filed your taxes yet? Is this game a good investment?... Continue Reading →

04.11.23 Press Run Books’ “Atari Archive Vol. 1” Out Soon! + Songbird’s Jaguar CD Power Bundle! Plus: XpressO (Atari Newsline)

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. // #PressRunBooks announced today that #AtariArchive Vol. 1" will be coming out soon, with a special #book signing this weekend! Tune in for all the deets. #Songbird Productions' #JaguarCD Power Bundle" is out with 3 cool Atari #Jaguar CD games + a soundtrack for under $100! Plus: my new #Atari 5-minute... Continue Reading →

11.20.21 Five Amazing Vintage Gaming Podcasts & Websites I Adore

Hey guys! Today, I wanted to let everyone know about FIVE amazing vintage gaming podcasts, blogs & websites that I 'read/listen to/watch/leave feedback for' each month (or thereabouts). I also leave personal feedback on three different vintage gaming podcasts. Here they are... #vintagegaming #retrogaming #videogames #atari #atarijaguar #atari2600 #atarilynx #ballyastrocade #atari8bit

11.28.18 Surface Laptop 2. (Tech Review)

The original Microsoft Surface Laptop debuted about a year ago, to a significant burst of YouTube reviews and fanfare. The device was particularly well received because of it's all-around good specs, it's revolutionary fuzzy Alcantara keyboard, it's amazing screen... even though the device was missing something everyone was wondering about: a USB C port. Instead,... Continue Reading →

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