04.10.23 That Atari Show #37: “Metgan Games”(Interview, News, ‘The Atari Experience,’ The No-Swear Gamer)

On this episode of THAT #ATARI SHOW, Can (pronounced John) joins us this week! He founded #MetganGames & has made 1 game for the #AtariVCS currently, with more on the way! Find out what’s coming, how the game got its name & more! Also, for #Book Nook, I take a look at #TheAtariExperience.! My featured content creator is @thenosweargamer1449 on #YouTube! (aka Phil!) He’s a cool guy with a great channel! Plus: Atari Newsline is back! #gaming #retrogaming #vintagegaming #VCS Subscribe, Like & Comment if you enjoy this content. For all the latest Atari News as it hits, subscribe & click the notification bell for instant premieres for ‘Atari Newsline!’ as well as ‘That Atari Show.’ Thanks for watching! BCB


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