7.22.19 Oh Father. (Journal; Short Story)

The night of Friday, July 12, 2019 seemed like any other. That was twelve days ago, and life has been insane since then, so much that I don't know my life before it. To fill you in... I'd returned home from a busy day at work, wrapping up the week and preparing to begin work... Continue Reading →

11.27.18 Goodnight Princess. (Journal)

Upon hearing that my Grandmother (Nanny) was ill, I visited home last Friday morning (drove 9 hours overnight)... I met up with my boyfriend B at Waffle House. We had a rushed but much needed dinner, we said our goodbyes, I packed up all my things and my 2 dogs, and I was gone. I'm... Continue Reading →

11.18.18 Nanny. (A Tribute)

My Nanny was diagnosed with Cerebrovascular disease and vascular dementia a few months ago. She had a stroke and is not getting blood flow to her brain. Her knight in shining armor, Tuffy, is watching her along with my Mom and her sisters at their home in North Richland Hills. I made the 9 hour... Continue Reading →

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