02.11-14.23 Utomik & Atari Partnership, 2 Videos (Atari Newsline) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! ...In the past few days, I published two videos regarding Atari's new #partnership with #Utomik, a #cloud #streaming #game #subscriptionservice. They begin their collaboration on February 24th, which provides in-cloud on-demand #gaming to any Android/Google or Windows based device, including phones, tablets and PC's. Digging a little more into the company, I provided my initial thoughts & what I think after having a few days to sit on it. The first video below is the first aired, followed by the most recent. What do you think?

12.28.21 Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2021 (Tech Review)

When I decided to upgrade my black metallic Surface Laptop 3 two months ago to what was to come from Microsoft in 2021, I went all out. I sold it on eBay, along with my base model Surface Pro 7 to 'upgrade' to one of Microsoft's latest new laptop offerings, the massive Surface Laptop Studio,... Continue Reading →

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