02.11-14.23 Utomik & Atari Partnership, 2 Videos (Atari Newsline) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! …In the past few days, I published two videos regarding #Atari’s new #partnership with #Utomik, a #cloud #streaming #game #subscriptionservice. They begin their collaboration on February 24th, which provides in-cloud on-demand #gaming to any Android/Google or Windows based device, including phones, tablets and PC’s. Digging a little more into the company, I provided my initial thoughts & what I think after having a few days to sit on it. The first video below is the first aired, followed by the most recent. What do you think?

2.11.23 ATARI NEWSLINE: BREAKING ATARI NEWS. Atari announced a new partnership with Utomik. Who or what is Utomik? Utomik is a Netherlands-based game streaming service, which will begin partnering with Atari on Feb 24th. Read all about it here, watch the Utomik YouTube trailer released last month & more! Catch your dose of Atari breaking news here on Atari Newsline! Where ATARI is KING.

On this Atari Newsline, I discuss a new Atari Valentines Day Flash Sale that is LIVE now! Also: A little more about Utomik, the game streaming service Atari will be parterning with soon. And: my upcoming Atari & Arcade1Up Star Wars 40th Anniversary Home Arcade Cab Review Promo! That is coming on Feb 24th! Catch it all here on Atari Newsline! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! #LoveYourself


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