6.15.17 Living in Obscurity (Poem)

Living In Obscurity

By Brian Bolding


Dining alone again

Oh look theres a fuzzy on my chin

You say I’m distracting myself from the truth

Oh man what’s that on my tooth

You say I’m deliberately avoiding this big thing

So am I living in sin

I’ll say it, I’ll say it again


Walking alone tonight

Like a total shadow, a small fuzzy blight

You say I’m walking alone just because

Oh man that damn peach fuzz

You say I’m dodging the issues

So cold and tight

I don’t think I’m feeling alright.


Running in place

Sometimes, even in total disgrace

You say I’m the only one that’s left

I’m seriously and absolutely bereft

You say I’m dodging the bullet

So what

Sometimes you feel like a nut.


Lying Around

But really on hollow ground

You say our time here is short

I shall not and will not retort

You say I’m walking away

I just say

I’m going away.


6.14.17 954 pm wed bb.

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