6.18.17 Father’s Day (Poem)

 Fathers Day by Brian Bolding


You raised us

You raised us so well

At the time I thought

Living with you was living hell


You raised us

You taught us to be strong

I kicked and I screamed

And I hated it all along


You raised us up

You taught us to work hard

Nobody else I know

Knows what we know, by a yard


You raised us up

You raised us up to be

Strong, independent, always early

And just a little bit impatient and crazy


But I love you Dad


I love you with all my heart

Here I am at 42

Thinking about how much now

I’m just like you.


Through grainy photographs

We see all the good times and laughs.


I’m so glad you are my Dad.

Being you son has made me so damn strong.


6.18.17 206 pm sun bb.











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