7.12.20 July in Blue (Poem)

The following poem was written about 5 minutes ago. (Not kidding!) I've had many mixed feelings as far as this pandemic goes. I've cried, I've laughed, I've slept out of boredom, I've taken up walking the neighborhood with my dogs, I've thought every 5 minutes about Dad and how much I miss his phone calls,... Continue Reading →

1.2.18 In The Making (Poem)

I’m a little pup Here for the taking Wrapped up in a bow in a basket I’m a sex animal in the making I’m salivating wildly Here on all fours Oh baby touch me once Touch me twice, I’m all yours I’m a little angel With horns so sharp and pure I used to have... Continue Reading →

7.11.17 Igloo City (Poem)

Igloo City by Brian B.   When I turn 50 I wanna be real nifty Write books about self pity And dwell in an igloo city.   I wanna be real rich I wanna be real bitch I wanna help poor people And shit on the steeple.   When I turn 85 Please make me... Continue Reading →

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