12.18.17 It’s Been Awhile (Journal)

Hey! B here. Sorry it’s been so long. So much has happened in my life. Wanting to post a quick update. (Quick for me takes on an entirely different meaning.)

Since this past Summer when I last posted, I entered a new relationship with this awesome guy named Brian – (yes, Brian, like me) – and he is freaking amazing We are still going strong and it’s been 4 months. So very happy about the way things are going and we are totally on the same page. Things are going great.

Also decided to pursue my graduate studies at Grand Canyon University, which has been an eye opening experience. Yes, it’s a university founded by Christians, but it’s a non-denominational school that I’ve heard a lot of really good stuff about at work. I work with social workers each and every day, and they spoke highly of the campus. So far, I have all A’s, and I’ve been enrolled for the past 3 months. Things are going great there, too.

As far as my family goes, my Father had a few more surgeries here and there. He’s currently at home recovering from just having his heart shocked.. The VA was trying to get it back into a regular heartbeat pattern. We learned over the Summer that Dad has Alzheimer’s disease, and not dementia like we previously thought. He also has a cancerous spot on his left arm that they are removing soon, and he has COPD as well as diabetes. This is why I’ve been down to visit them in TX like 6 times this year. My family means so much to me, so please continue to keep he and my Mom who is watching him in your prayers and good thoughts.

More to come soon! I’m out of breath…. 😀


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