03.04.21 Yes, I’m still here. Are you? Part 2. (Journal)

Hello, anyone. Long time no see... I know it's been 6 months since I last posted on my site, but SO MUCH has happened, it would take a couple of novels to explain it all. Because of this, I'm just gonna give you the Cliff Notes version..! Bobby. Dealing with all the media frenzy and... Continue Reading →

9.5.18 About That Cabo Trip… (Journal)

I've been meaning to write about my Cabo trip for the longest... my apologies for taking so long in doing so! I've just been busy with work and school, sick, and enjoying time with my boyfriend as often as we can in between everything. It's been difficult to keep up my blog on a daily,... Continue Reading →

7.11.17 10:59 (Poem)

10:59 By Brian B.   Looking over at the clock It’s 1159, it’s 1159 again Oh where did the time go Oh where has the day gone I wish I was smoking a big ass blunt Out on the front lawn Standing there chewing On tabacco and bacon Standing there sighing Realizing I’m completely butt... Continue Reading →

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