1.20.18 B Positive. (Journal)

One of my ongoing ‘resolutions’ (if you can call it that) is to take a big deep breath each and every new year and remind myself that it takes more energy to be angry than just being happy and positive. So, in my usual tradition, I’m hoping not only my life but yours is as positive and happy as it can be. Find them silver linings! From this Texan boy to you, make this year happy and positive and go out of your way to help others and talk to those who seem lonely. Open your heart and your mind to new people and places, and go into every situation being positive. I truly think that being positive and happy can cure most ills. I’m living proof. So be positive this year, get rid of the negativity (including negative people) and reach for the stars. 😀


Pic is of me, circa 2012, when I first arrived here in Albuquerque.

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