5.30.18 Update Shmupdate.

Sorry I’ve been so distant. Life happened, in a fierce way.

So, the past 6 weeks, I’ve been afflicted with 3 different sudden illnesses. Yikes.

First off, about 6 weeks ago, I had a major throat infection (which I thought was strep, but wasn’t.) $50 copay to urgent care to find out I just needed anti-biotics. Two weeks after that, I was feeling normal finally and was working when suddenly I fell to the ground with a sharp pain to my stomach and groin. UTI? Another trip to urgent care, and 12 hours later, I had gone in and out of the ER with my boyfriend (who had to leave because he began having his own kindey stone pains.) I got diagnosed with diverticulitis (food trapped in colon that made my appendix swell up and cause pain.) Anyways, so now apparently I can’t eat nuts, corn, or anything too small to get trapped in my body. Eeks. On top of that, with all the meds and 3 different rounds of antibiotics different doctors had given me, I also became slowly infected with hemorrhoids. (Yes, the old man disease.) So.. turning 43 has meant that my body started to fall apart, apparently. 😀 But yes, I’m still in love and trying to see that silver lining everywhere I look, so I am seeing this as a sign from up above to change my diet in a big way and focus on my eating habits.

Oh yeah, the caffeine and nicotine ain’t goin’ nowhere just yet, but I’m definitely trying to watch what I eat a little better than before, and avoiding nuts and corn like the plague.

So.. what else has been happening? My boyfriend got put on a new medication that has made him severely moody and tired, and so we are hanging out a lot less for right now, which sucks. For instance, last week, I only saw him once the whole week. Trying to keep our spirits high and positivity up, so he heals and gets better soon. He had an appointment with a pain specialist today but when we got there at 7 am we found he wasn’t ‘in the system’ so they had to reschedule it. Anyways, this is one of the first steps to curing what ails him and so we are happy to go back countless times if we have to.

My Father has been doing ok. I went to visit him when I went home for my birthday at the start of May. He had a VA appointment to get a defibrillator put in but that operation was cancelled because his breathing was so bad. Also, my step sister’s son (yes, my nephew) came into town since he was having spinobifida (sp?) surgery (he’s 14.) His surgery was a success, but spending time between he, my ill father, and my sister and Mom was definitely a chore! Also tried to fit some friends in but just was able to see one or two the 10 days I was there. My family threw me a ‘surprise’ party that I found out about, but the sentiment was what counted and I had a great time, an overall great trip, and was glad to be home as my hemorrhoids started acting up the final few days there. Eek.

In my spare time, I’ve been doing homework for school and also shooting some review videos for my ‘budget laptop’ series. Anyways, I’ll post that info here when it goes live. I’ve never posted unboxings or reviews before on YouTube, but I think now is a good time to start.

Hope everyone is well and please have a safe and happy Summer!



Picture: This was taken in 2009, one year before I moved from Fort Worth, Texas to L.A.

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