10.15.18 Gym Bunnies (Journal)

It was in the seventies about a week ago. Today? 41. The weather has definitely changed and I’m so freaking excited. Being a creature who literally becomes a walking talking portable heater, I always welcome the freshness and crispness that sometimes Fall brings. Looks like it’s gonna be a nice cool Winter, and we need it. We’re in the middle of a record-breaking drought, like everywhere else I guess. As if being considered a desert weren’t bad enough, now we’ve been robbed of our precipitation. If today is a good judge of what’s to come, bring it on.

Last Friday, my boyfriend Brian decided to try my gym. He’d been having a semi-bad day, his chest issues flared up a few days prior, but he felt motivated to workout if he went with me, to my gym. Of course, I jumped at the chance. I’ve always wanted us to workout together. I’ve been doing it on and off since 2010 (mostly on lately), and he suddenly started going a few weeks back. Now he’s killing it. Going twice a day now for the past week or more and his calves are like.. you could seriously play a game of chess on. Insanity. He’s looking so good and being so strong.. I’m so proud of him.

He said he wanted to try the hydro-massage and the tanning booths, but he felt as if going to MY gym was kind of like cheating on HIS gym. I didn’t get it, but decided to smile and say I completely understood. So we got there, I made him my guest, and we decided to hit the tanning booths first. “What’s the longest time? We’ll take that,” I said. “For sure. Eleven minutes?,” the guy asked. “Sure!,” I added. Boy did I choose the wrong path that time.

As I stood in the bright neon cabinet, my hands hanging on the bars above me as I spun around, I wondered… is this really doing anything? I don’t feel like it is.

One week later, I’m still as red as could be. In fact, I’m peeling now. Peeling all over. I’m leaving a little trail of ash behind me wherever I walk. I’m burned on my butt, my legs, my stomach, my thighs, my back, my front.. it just ain’t natural. I’m so red, in fact, that when I looked in the mirror that night before bed I could barely recognize myself. WTF! And my hair… dark brown with tints of red now blonde red. Couldn’t believe my eyes! Sleeping that night was an adventure, too. My stomach stung to lay on, my back did, too. Eventually, I was able to pass out with a fan on me and 3 blankets, laying at an angle and groaning.

I’m meant to be pasty white, I guess. Porcelain white english boy skin.

Lesson learned… never get in a suntan booth for more than 5 minutes!


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