12.30.21 The Blinking Twilights (Poetry, 2020)

Remember when 2021 held such promise? After an extremely bleak 2020 filled with deaths of loved ones and mass confusion the world over, 2021 seemed like a shining diamond on the parched horizons. Did 2021 live up to my expectations? No. Nothing does. With the global pandemic still burning, it's been yet another rough year... Continue Reading →

12.29.21 Wintertide XVII (Poetry)

It's that time of the year again. Since 2004, I've written this poem annually to do a check on the state of affairs of myself during the holiday season. Here's this year's version. It's "Wintertide XVII" from my poetry book for Oct-Dec 2021, 'Earthly Delights in a Closed Type Universe.' Have a wonderful holiday! -BB... Continue Reading →

12.20.21 Reach for Fire (Poetry, 2015)

Is falling in love again worth the risk? Is putting your heart on the line worth it when you're in your 40's and have seen and lived every trick in the book? Sometimes, it's like rolling dice, or reaching for fire. This poem was written six years ago on Dec 21, 2015 and was contained in my poetry book, 'Look for the Silver Linings.' Enjoy! -BB

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