7.4.19 Happy 4th! (Journal)

I wanted to say “Happy 4th of July!” to everyone who celebrates this amazing country, along with myself. This includes everyone from ALL political parties. This is such an amazing country and I, along with many others, owe all our service men and women deep appreciation and gratitude today, and every day. For without them, we wouldn’t have the amazing country as we know it today.

Differences aside, America is the greatest nation in the world, and I’m proud to be American and to still hold my pride for my great country despite the negative messaging from Washington. We must persevere and make our voices heard during each election – that’s part of the American dream – and a right to every citizen.

Make a vow this year to make this country a better place by doing good works in your community and spreading positivity, love and light wherever you go.

Be safe, be healthy, have fun… and hold the ones you love closest to you this extended holiday weekend. Cherish the time and the memories you have, both old and new, and keep your hope and love for this amazing country burning bright in your heart each day as you go forth in it.

God Bless America!


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