7.30.19 Resonating Still (Poem)

There’s an odd aura around him

And his eyes are open but he can’t see

My Dad’s not in there, I can’t stop crying

I feel his spirit wanting to be free


Resonating, shining through

He misses us already and he’s preparing to leave, too.


He’s resonating still, here or there if you will

Couldn’t cry no more, now so calm

Thoughts come rushing like rainstorms

Holding his clammy cold hand in my warm palm


I miss you Dad I miss you so much

I miss my Daddy but you’re always in my heart

Thoughts come rushing like rainstorms

So I guess I get to spend the next few years flipping apart


Resonating, Eclipsing the night

I can feel his holy presence holding me tonight


There’s a bittersweet memory

bubbling up inside of me

And I can’t fight it, I won’t win

He’ll visit me in my dreams at night, just you wait and see


The last time I saw him, I kissed him on the cheeks

Thinking nothing of it at all

I said Goodbye Dad, I’ll be back in a few short weeks

For Damian’s birthday, don’t forget to call


And then just a few weeks later he had that fall


Ghostly spirit, floating around my room

I know it’s you, I know it’s you

I know it’s you, Dad, and I love you and miss you

I know it’s you, Dad, there’s no question who


I’m so glad you’re somewhere safe

Just know that I hope I make you proud

I’ll do what I can to represent you well

I’ll do my best to fight this dark cloud


He’s smiling. Resonating still.

So glad to be free of the shackles of his Earthly ills.

But now he’s free, and will live in infamy.


I love you & miss you.

Always, your sweet pea.

Double B.


7/30/19 Tue 11:32 pm BB.

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