11.3.19 My Graduation Day & A Vision of Dad. (Journal)

Hi, journal. Sorry for the late entry. So, yes, I've officially graduated from GCU (Grand Canyon University) as of October 17, 2019. Long story, but I'll try to make it short. In my family, that means within 20 minutes or less 😀 Just to recap what's happened these past two weeks and beyond... I traveled... Continue Reading →

8.6.19 Call Waiting (Poem)

"Call Waiting" By Brian Bolding 8/6/19 //   Dad, I tried to call you last night Did you hear the phone ring? I just wanted to hear your voice Were you listening?   Dad, I was waiting for you To give me that phone call To tell me all about your latest great big fall...... Continue Reading →

7.30.19 Resonating Still (Poem)

There's an odd aura around him And his eyes are open but he can't see My Dad's not in there, I can't stop crying I feel his spirit wanting to be free   Resonating, shining through He misses us already and he's preparing to leave, too.   He's resonating still, here or there if you... Continue Reading →

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