11.3.19 Delaying the Inevitable. (Poem)

“Delaying the Inevitable”

By Brian Bolding



I’m just sitting here

Looking like a bump on a log

I’m just sitting here

Feeling like three quarters of a hog

I didn’t feel pretty when I woke up today

But little did I know it would be such a great day

I’m delaying the inevitable

Stayed holed up

For far too long

Stayed holed up

I dragged myself along

Until I began to realize

Life’s too short for moping about

Sometimes you just gotta move

Sometimes you just gotta shout

Getting back into the groove

Delaying the inevitable

Got nothing to prove but everything.

Letting the real you ooze out

Is what it’s all about.


11.3.19 1036 pm bb. Sun

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